She Thinks My Glasses Are A TOY

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piratesmermaid - March 2

I'm a mother who has to wear glasses (my eyes are c__p) and I can't wear contact lenses due to problems I have had with'em in the past. Gretchen loves to pull them off my face whenever I get close. I've been telling her, in a stern voice, "Not a toy" and taking them back (with a bit of a fight). I know I'll need a new prescription soon. Can anyone recommend a cheap durable pair of glasses, perferably without the teeny tiny screws? We don't have the time or money to get a new pair everytime she's too rough. Anyone else out there with this problem? What do you do about it?


Elle - March 2

I totally know what you are going through and it is beyond bugfull. I wear contacts most of the time but whenever I wear my gla__ses my dd amuses herself by slamming them into the bridge of my nose (OUCH!) or ripping them off my head. The gla__ses I have are great because each bow flexes beyond its normal range of motion, if that makes any sense. In other words, the left bow won't break if it is stretched too far to the left, and vice versa (sorry, I'm not too good at explaining things). There is a spring or something in each bow that protects it, then it springs back into place. They weren't that expensive and I've had them for a few years. I just got them at my local opthalmologist's office. I tell my baby no too, but so far she hasn't gotten it yet either! Good luck!


BaileysMummy - March 2

My ds does this to my sungla__ses everyday, I can understand why they look appealing, he laughs at me when I wear them. Since you have to wear your gla__ses all the time, I would rty to be stern with her to let her know she can't touvh them. She will learn as she gets older they are not a toy


Allie - March 2

I thought I was breaking Chloe of this habit, but today on two occasions, she leaned in to kiss me, waited until I leaned in, and then tried to pull them off my face...little stinker!


Alison - March 3

I totally sympathise my DD is about to turn 6 months and has started grapping and reaching out to anything and everything within reach! My DH and I both wear gla__ses (though sometimes lenses too) and she pulls them off all the time. In fact mine are superglued at one point but can't reallu afford to "splash out" on new ones just now! x



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