She Won T Eat Cereal

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Maggie - May 19

My 3 month old dd is refusing to eat cereal. I've made it according to how the box says, and it seems to be too liquidy to spoon feed her, but too thick for the bottle. Any suggestions on what I can do? I use 1 tablespoon of cereal mixed with 5 tablespoons of formula, am I doing this right?? Thanks for any replies.


JEN - May 19

Hey Maggie! My ds was not so crazy about the cereal at first either. We started him at around 4 months and he did not "get it." We waited about a week and tried again and it worked. Sometimes it just takes a while, and 3 months is still pretty young. I wouldn't worry- she will be enjoying it soon enough! Then the real fun starts with fruits and veggies! Good times!


Bonnie - May 19

She is probably just not ready yet. If it is just that she is spitting it out, then don't worry. It takes a while for them to get thehang of it. If she is fussy about it, then don't force it. Wait until closer to 4 months when they are more ready. :) I a__sume she is probably eating 32 ounces or so of formula/b___st milk which is why you are starting her so early. If that is the case, you can just up the amount she is drinking until she is mroe ready for solids.


shelly22 - May 19

Im' not sure because my son's only 3.5 months, but I always thought you were supposed to put 1tbsp cereal to every 3 tbsp formula. Like i said though, that's what I thought??


pbj - May 19

I agree that 3 months is kind of early. I would wait and try again at 4 months, unless of course your doctor has recommended for you to giver her cereal this early. If not, the tongue thrust reflex disappears at about 4 months. Your measurement is fine, you can do 1 tbsp w/ tbsp formula, you can make it as diluted as you need it.


J.J. - May 19

Maggie, we abandoned it for a while and picked back up a month or so later w/the Gerber rice cereal jars which has more of an applesauce consistency. Never did that well w/the mixed form.


Chelle - May 19

If she is just spitting it back out then, like pbj said, her tougue thrust reflex is still there which means she's not ready for solids. Unless your ped told you to start rice cereal this early I would wait until she's at least 4 months, but 6 months is better.


Maggie - May 19

Thanks ladies I feel much better. My daughter must have a really strong tongue thrust reflex because she sticks her tongue out all the time. She has gotten much better with it lately but I agree with all of you that said she just isn't ready for it yet. I'll try again in a week or two. She has about 28 ounces of formula a day, so I know she is eating enough. My son is 5 1/2 years old so I really don't remember how I handled this with him. I'm gonna look in his baby book and see if I wrote it down. Thanks again!


ash2 - May 19

i didnt start mine on cereal untill he was about 4 months old.... maybe he is not ready . you can tell when they are. or maybe simply he doesnt know quite how to eat it yet.



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