She Won T Let Me Put Her Down

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Tanaja - January 25

I am so tired, Gabriella cries so hard when I put her down or walk away from her. I can't do anything without her on my hip or on my lap. I can't handle this crying anymore. I need to get some work done and I am so flippin tired that I just want a little time to myself to relax. HELP ME!!! She is 7 months old and has had her teething tablets already too. Other than going outside and screaming my bloody lungs out I don't know if I can make it until my dh gets home.


Emily - January 25

she is at that age....the whole sepreation thing stats to set in. Marcy does it just have to either put her in a safe spot and let her cry or carry her....maybe if you have the time you could hold her and watch some TV or somthing....sorry I can't offer any other suggestions except that in time it will get better...


eclipse - January 25

I feel for you-my son does that too-he is 10 weeks old on Sunday and there are days I cannot put him down. Sometimes I can put him in the swing but there are days that I just give up the hope of accomplishing anything, like yesterday. I count the minutes until my husband gets home sometimes. I need to get a proper sling so I can accomplish something, or have a mental health break. I wish you the best, you are not alone.


Tanaja - January 25

I just want it to stop. My head hurts from the fussiness and the crying. I just want some peace and I'm not getting it. Nothing seems to please her except letting her play with my strings on my sweatshirt or my necklace, I'm sooooo glad I got her all these wonderful teething rings.


Rabbits07 - January 25

Tanaja, did you see where I posted on your thread about playpens about the enclosed gate system on clearance at Wal-Mart? I don't know about your dd, but alot of times Mason will cry if I put him in the pen, but he's fine if I put him on the floor....feels like more freedom I guess even though he's still enclosed.


krc - January 25

LOLOLOL, I am a single mom and i also stay at home...i live with my mom... i dont have anyone to hand him over to!!! Anyways, Ethan is 6 months old and he has always wanted to be held. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without him crying! I tried everything and it seemed the only way I could get out of holding him was to take him for walks in the stroller. So for a while, we were taking 3-5 brief walks or one long walk every day. I never got a if holding him wasn't enough, I had to stand and hold him. If anyone sat down for a minute he'd throw a fit! I was soooo exhausted from holding or entertaining him from 5am until 6pm. He still needs to be held but not as much thank goodness!!! I may not have a man to come home and give me a break but I sure counted down the seconds on alot of days till Ethans bedtime! LOL


srigles - January 25

You have my sympathy! My 3 month old son goes through phases (about 3 good days/3 bad days) where he cries until he starts gasping every time I put him down or walk away from him. He only does it with me - not my husband - and while it's nice for me to feel so needed, I could sure use a few minutes to myself every now and then! And then when I pick him up and he stops crying and snuggles up against me, I feel horrible for even wanting a few minutes alone.


Danielle19 - January 25

i feel your pain my son he's 7 months too and he has done the same thing since birth and its actually getting worse i can't take a shower cook clean or eat with out listening to a screaming baby, i have a headache ever day until he goes to bed then it goes away, the thought of giving him away races through my head about 30 times aday ( i wouldn't really) so if anyones got any tips let me know, but i think i've tried everything swings exersaucers, toys, bouncy chairs, food, tylenol, gas drops and front carriers but he weighs 20 pounds so thats prety much out of the question


AshleyB - January 25

Hi, I feel for you. My ds is 7wks, and he's starting to do this. He'll cry for a couple hours straight, It's terrible, there's nothing that makes it better and I don't know what to do. Good luck, I hope you get some good suggestions from some mom's who've been there and came out alive, Haha. I'd like to know too.


Jenn2 - January 25

That is so funny! I saw this thread right as my dd started fussing b/c she wants me to pick her up. She is right beside me in her exercauser, but NOOO thats not good enough.....LOL. She is 7.5 months old. I guess its just a stage.



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