She Won T Sleep In The Bassinet Errrrrrrr

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chrissi79 - February 21

Does anyone else have this issue with their LO? My DD is just over 3wks and she is so fussy about being in the bassinet at night. She will fall asleep while feeding and then if I put her down into her bassinet she starts fussing or crying. We often bring her into the bed just so she'll sleep or quiet down for a few hrs. Then its the same thing whenever we go to put her back in the bassinet. ...I know she's too little to remember or get used to this...but what do we do? Hubby has to get up by 6:00 for work, and we don't know what to do...


aggie03 - February 21

My dd did the same thing...I think she is just scared being by herself...a lot might not agree with this but...I would let her cry a little bit and just lay my hand over her so she knew she wasnt alone but I wasnt going to put her back in bed....after about 5 min (5 long min) she would quit fussing and go to sleep. My dd now sleeps 8-9 hours at night and has since she was around 6 weeks. I think they just have to get comfortable in their own mom was so against this so I understand it doesnt work for everyone...but I love that she can hang out in her crib by herself for a little while and not feel abandoned. Good luck! My dh also gets up before 5 so this really was a lifesaver she sleep from 8-5 now and dh brings her to me I feed her and she and I are back down til 8am its wonderful


srigles - February 21

My son HATED the ba__sinet and none of us got any sleep at all until we put him in his own room in his crib at 8 weeks. Then he instantly started sleeping through the night. It's great! Actually, I think he hated the ba__sinet because he couldn't see out of it - he always likes to be looking around at things. I dunno, just a thought!


chrissi79 - February 21

Srigles, that crossed my mind too...I won't put her in her crib until she's a little bigger, but i was thinking that maybe yes, she has nothing there to look at and all of a sudden they are by themselves...aggie03, I think you're right about them just wanting to feel safe yes. I guess when they are all snuggled up on your chest or in your arms they are so secure and snuggled. Hopefully she gets used to it soon...she's not even a month old so i'm not pushing the issue yet, but I really hope she takes to the crib better than the ba__sinet!!!! :)


AshleyB - February 21

I wouldn't put her in bed with you, that could create a monster without you even realizing it! One trick I learned was to have a good routine every night we do bath, bottle and bed by 9, and for a while ds was really fussy and would wake up every time I put him down, so I started putting the heating pad in his crib on low when I was giving him his bottle and rocking him, that way when I laid him down it wasn't a temperature shock from warm cozy arms, to cold sheets, and he didn't wake up anymore, (of course test it and make sure it's not too warm before laying them down). Also I have a bean bag type thing that you put in the microwave, and it smells like lavender, and I used that too and it worked great. I didn't have to do it for very long and now he knows when bedtime is, and falls asleep and lets me lay him down every night with no fuss. He's 11wks now.


chrissi79 - February 22

well we went thru a couple hrs of hell last night but we were persistant and she slept (eventually) in the ba__sinet from 2-5 then got up to eat, then I put her back close to 6:00 and I had to WAKE her up at 9:15 this morning!! lol Hopefullhy its not as difficult every night!!! :)


AshleyB - February 22

That's great, just stick with it and it will get easier. That IS pretty good....


chrissi79 - February 22

i hope so...yes we have to change the routine here too. Usually the 3 of us end up crashing downstairs for a couple hrs and she wakes us up around midnight to eat. then i guess shes wide awake and not interested in going to sleep at that time. We are going to have to ty to keep her awake longer i guess...maybe that will make it easier to put her to sleep.



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