Shelly Darling Where Are You

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Chelsey - October 21

Where the heck have you gone? Hope that Jesse isn't wreaking havoc on you! Decided on Halloween costume yet, for your little man? Jesse James all the way!


Shelly - October 21

Hey Chelsey,pffff i've been so busy,i have been reading the posts though while feeding Jesse,but it makes it hard to type.Jesse has been great,only he is very alert during the afternoons and wants me there.I need to find a new toy to entertain him.I am also vp of our local humane society,i organized a fundraiser last week (it went great) and this week i've been making lots of follow-up calls of last weekends adoptions.I can only do that when Jesse is sleeping.I am defenetly going for the Jesse James for halloween,i also have the pumpkin outfit,thatway i will have a "cute" picture and a "macho" picture.I still want to see Gabriel in his mickey costume.I loved your "joke" thread and i really needed some humor ,my gallstones have been "bugging" me for the last couple days,but i will see my surgeon next thursday and set a date for surgery,i want my gallbladder OUT by thanksgiving,that way i can pig out.So how are you doing?


chelsey - October 21

Things are great! Gabriel is sleeping throught the night, which means that he is more awake during the day! He's smiling so much, and started to laugh out loud the other day! Only to me and Hailey though! When his dad tickles him, he cries so hard! So ofcourse, his dad keeps tickling him...hoping that one day he will get a smile! I think I'll take a picture of Gabriel in his Mickey suit before Halloween. I'm just to darn anxious to wait! I'll do it some time this weekend. (Knowing how I like to put things off, they'll be posted on my site next year some time!) You'll have to get some press on tattoos for Jesse... maybe some Scooby-Doo ones or something! Joke thread was a good idea, except there is one joke on their that is just nasty! (Made me laugh a bit though!) Did you see the one about the prost_tute? Ugghhh....I think its great, the work that you do for the Humane society! I'm a huge animal lover! Sorry to hear about your gallbladder! Ouch! Hopefully you can get that taken care of soon! I'd hate for you to miss out on turkey and stuffing! Definately wouldn't want you to not be able to eat pumpkin pie! we had our Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago.... I'm still full!


Shelly - October 21

Don't you just love it when they laugh and have fun.I made a whole row of pictures of Jesse having fun in his bounce chair,as soon as i put them on the website i will let you know,they really turned out awesome.I am also thinking i can't wait to snap some pictures before halloween.I think i will make a tattoo on his hand with "pay off sucker" just like Jesse James,but the other tattoos have to be somethink in his interest like the bottle and a pacifier.And we have a signshop so D/H can do that for him.I also bought him 2 Harley Davidson outfits and they are adorable.I asked hubby to do a "flame "job on Jesse's swing.It's funny,i am very "girly" but i love the whole "macho" theme for a boy.If i ever have a girl it will be all "princess".Thanks for feeling sorry about my gallbladder,i 've had it since i was 16 weeks pregnant.I opened a long time ago a thread on Pregnancy Complications and i am still in touch with one of the girls,hopefully she will start posting here soon,her little girl is i think 5 weeks old now.And i don't cre how many painpills i have to take,I WILL EAT PUMPKIN PIE!!!! LOL



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