Shelly S Update On Surgery DONE

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Shelly - November 15

This is Sh__ly's husband, Sh__ly asked me to post this on the site. As known, she had her surgery today and everything went fine. Her gallblater has been removed by labroscopic surgery. The thing is she did not have stones, but sand!, that's right gallsand which they say is way more painfull than stones. Anyway she is doing fine and so is the "little man" Thank's for everyones support and Sh__ly will be back tomorrow. " Hubby"


Tami - November 15

Shelly-I am so glad that you are okay and everything went great! Sand huh? I am sorry that you had it even more painful than I am sure I did! I am amazed that you stuck it out for so long. You are my hero :). Hope you start feeling great soon and eating lots of yummy stuff!


Thanks - November 15

for letting us know the virdict Hubby ... You are a good man to that family of yours...Lisa*9


monica - November 16

tell shelly were glad its over and hope she revcovers soon and is back posting


BBK ® © - November 16

Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery!


Shelly - November 16

Hey everybody;I am back,everything went well,hurting a bit but nothing compared with either c-section or a bad gallstone attack.Surgery lasted about 1.5 hour instead of an hour but thats because it was inflamed and i had "sand" instead of stones.The worst part is that i can't hold Jesse for a couple of days.They actually said 2 weeks but i will not be listening to that,duh,!!! I guesswho ever came up with 2 weeks is not a "parent" LOL.


Chelsey - November 16

Glad to hear you are doing good! Cant hold Jesse for two weeks? Whatever! I bet you 're holding him already! Take it easy though!


Shelly - November 16

I am not holding him yet,but tonoght he will be on my lap!!! I wil give it a max of 5 days,but the moment that i do not feel my incisions you bet i will hold him.I think 3-5 days should be fine.Chelsey and CEM thank you so much for your e-mails,and Chelsey i loved your E-card,as a matter i did eat chicken soup last night LOL!!!! My hubby did not say nothing about a chicken attacking him though!!!



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