Shelly Updated Pictures On Jesse 2 Month Old

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Shelly - October 10

New pictures on website, and i would appreciate signing the guestbook???? Thank you


Shelly - October 10

Forgotsomething,click on back to home and then pics,thats the latest ones.


Narcissus - October 10

He's adorable and I love those big blue eyes!! I bet he melts your heart:) Enjoy!!


Lissi - October 10

What a little cutie-pie!


BBK ® © - October 11

Incredible Shelly! What an adorable little baby! He looks like he's getting VIP treatment too! :-)


chelsey - October 11

Oh my Gosh!!! What a cutie petutie! He looks so happy and healthy! Good job! Forgot to sign the guest book... but I will now! I'm gonna have to update my site of my kids... I'm such a procrastinator!


soleil - October 11

He's sooo cute! Congrats!


Lissi - October 12

Chelsey, where are your pics?! Gabriel (sp?) must be really chubby by now. Nadya put on 8oz this week and she's getting cute little dimples on her elbows. I can't wait til she's really fat! :)


Chelsey - October 12

Hey Lissi! They are still on the digital camera! I'm afraid I'll erase them if I try to download them without DH standing over my shoulder! Stupid technology!.....Hopefully by the end of the week? Whenever hubby decides "he has time"! Yes, Gabriel is chubby! He has an extra chin!


Shelly - October 12

Thank you ladies/guy(s), you can tell i am soo proud of him!!! He is also a verey sweet happy baby,yesterday he had his 2 months shots and he did real well.He hardly cried when he got the shots and he did pretty good last night,of course the tylenol works real good,he was not really fussy but you could tell he was extra happy to be held and cuddled with.Chelsey,i am socurious to see how Gabriel looks like,aren't they growing fast?But iunderstand having to wait until D/H has time thats the reason i found sommebody else to show me how to do it incl the website b/c i hate to depend on people and certainly on D/H ,and yesterday i asked to get Jesse weighedand he is 11.5 pounds.(he was 6.7 @ birth).He is doing so good.I can't imagine a life without him anymore and i am sure all the "parents" here agree,i was going tosay all the mothers but BBK is a daddy,so i just go by parents.Oh and thank you all for the compliments,i know all mothers love to hear that.



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