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Lindsey - January 21

Hiya, when George had his 4 month jabs I was told that he would have a 6 month check up, but after perstering them for a month (he's 7 months now) they tell me that he won't be seen until he's 8 months. Does this sound right to you, i know loads of things have changed but when my niece was born 43 years ago, she had a 6 month check.


Lindsey - January 21

d__n, i really need to read my posts before submitting, i meant 3 years ago.


shelly - January 21

hi lindsey ive had a problem with this, i rang my dr to bok a 6 month check a week or so ago and was told that they only do a 6 week check there and to speak to my health visitor which i did and she told me they they dont do a 6 month or a 12 month anymore,my ds will next be seen when hes 18 months which i was so suprised about,she said due to nhs shake up theyve changed the programme,i culdnt believe it,my ds only 6 months so ive got a long wait before hes checked.she said well if uve any problems you can talk to one of the health visitor or your doc but its not the same is it,i would have liked to make sure ds was hitting milestones and sometimes its good to get reasurances isnt it,i will ask my health visitor about the 8 month check because i dont remember her mentioning that but it must be the same all over uk,i hope it is at 8 month,my eldest ds years ago had a 6 week check then 3 and 6 month check,how things have changed but yes they definatly done away with the 6 month,i did a post about a weeks ago ,will find it and bump it up as vonzo had some info on it as well.


ash2 - January 21

Im not eithther of those girls, but i think what your saying is that you missed your 6 month checkup ? If so, then they probably have to get in those 6 month shots soon which is why they made it at 8 months. You are supposed to have a 6 month checkup, and then again at 1 year i might be wrong, but i dont remember DS being seen at 8 months...i could be wrong, need to call cause i never got another appt. after 6 month checkup. hmmmm. Anyway, if they do give shots at 8 months, then i would wait untill then to get them . I dont know if i would get them that close together. Maybe im just confusing you more, lol !!


vonzo - January 21

LOL i was wondering about that age Lindsey! The check ups changed at the very end of last year. Did your health visitor not go through it all in detail with you? I was given a questionaire to fill in, and was deemed a "capable" parent. That meant that i would get no more intervention from the health service unless i asked for it. I was told of drop in clinics at my surgery and told that i could call the health visitor anytime i liked and she would arrange a house call. I get letters telling me when to book Ambers next jabs but that's about it. If you score anything beneath "capable" you get visits and cla__ses accordingly. I'm glad i was deemed "capable" but like i said before i'd like a check up every now and then just incase there's something i;ve not picked up on, and to find out weight and length etc. it's kind of difficult to weigh and measure a baby with your own home gadets! Amber's due her 4 month jabs this week EEP! 3 of the buggers, poor lil thing! How did your son go with them?



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