Shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiii Pregnant Again

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Any of you ladies afraid you might be pregnant again? We have been going threw h__l since our son was born Aug 17*and he didnt' come home until Sept 24th. Then the day he was sent home we found out he has Cystic Fibrosis after a month and half in the NICU...I have been busy Learning, Understanding, and Accepting everything...Now, my periods late..and I can't stop peeing...and I'm too damn scared to take a test...AHHHHHHHHHH.....


MNMOM - November 11

wow, good luck with that! Let us all know how it turns out. Does your hubby know you suspect you could be pregnant? Just curious about his reaction.


olivia - November 11

I understand you are stressed but you will survive it either way. My friend has a son with cystic fibrosis and got pregnant within months after him coming home. Now the boys are 3 and 2 and the whole family is doing well. Try to stay calm, either way, it is doable and you will make it! Take the test, find out, and talk to hubby. xo.


Terio - November 11

SarahSarah, I have wondered how you were doing! Wow, how wild would that be to be pregnant already. When are you going to take a test?


jodie - November 11

OMG..haha..I had the same feeling awhile ago! My dd was born july 19th and I have a almost 2yr old son. My period finally started yesterday but for the past month and a half I have felt natious (sp) and just had "that" feeling. I was b___stfeeding and I was on the "minipill" which is only 92% affective so I was freaking out. I stopped b___stfeeding completely like a week ago and my period finally started. Thank god..hehehe! I was too scared to take a test so I just carried on for like a month and a half just freaking out. I hope everything works out for you!!!


DDT - November 12

Yes!! I am almost 9 months pp and I have only had AF once at 5 months pp. I've taken 2 HPT's on two different occasions because I was afraid I might be pregnant again (I don't want to start TTC until next summer). Both came up negative! Ever since I had my ds I pee more frequently (every 2-3hrs). The best thing for you would be to test just to be sure but keep in mind that your AF can be messed up PP and that it might take a while for it to be regular again. In my case I'm verging into the "worrisome" period because I should be regular by now. I plan on seeing my doc next month about it....I may have cysts, or I may need to go on the pill to help regulate my period again. Good luck...and like someone has already said...even if you are pregnant things will work out regardless...Good luck!


Louby Lou - November 12

My daughter has just found out that she is pregnant again and is totally shocked as she thought that she had been very careful to use contraception. She and her boyfriend are terrified of the expense and strain and the effect it will have on their 4 month old baby girl but what is done is done and they must concentrate on the positives of expecting another baby so soon. Their little girl will have a sibling close in age to play with. The baby years will be all at once and the equipment and clothes shared. What we mustn't forget is that each baby is a tremendous gift. Your dear little son will have someone else coming into this world who will love him and be his best friend. Please enjoy your pregnancy and stop worrying so much. You sound like a lovely Mum!


qdogs_navywife3 - November 19

Just wondering if you ever took a test?



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