Shopping Cart Cover Do You Have One

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EMBERBABY - February 23

I want to buy a shopping cart cover and I am wondering if any of you all use/used one, and did you like it? Some of them seem pretty pricey for something I will use once maybe twice a week at most? What do you al think of yours and how much did you pay for it ( if you don't mind me asking)?


Danielle19 - February 23

i got mine at a second hand shop, i think i payed $7, i love it its not to big but it covers the handle, and has straps to hold him in place otherwise he falls over


LisaB - February 23

I got mine at Babies R Us it was either $30 or $40 I love it we use it on the shopping cart and also resturant high chairs LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT was well worth the money.


mandee25 - February 23

I want to buy one of these too. I might order it out of the Sears catalogue.


eliz24 - February 23

I got mine off of ebay for 30.00,it is really nice and I use it every time I go to the store.It has elastic around the edges so it's easy to get on and off of the cart and it covers the whole cart so the baby doesn't have to touch any part of the cart. It is very useful,and I have people ask me all the time where I got it,you should check ebay they have tons of them: )


lin7604 - February 23

i am going to be getting one soon too after i saw that program on t.v. i don't remember what the show was but it is soo gross to use a blue light on them and see all the germs and tehn you LO touches the cart and what do they do " put their hands in their mouth!" yuck!


AlissaF - February 23

I got mine at target and my only qualm about it is that it takes a second to set up. I love it though! It has toys to keep lo entertained. I think I only paid $20 for it new.


KLC - February 23

I love mine. I asked my mom to get it for the baby for Christmas since he was still so little that he didn't care what he got!!! But I love it, I wish they would have had them when me other kids were younger!!!


KLC - February 23

"me other kids" what am I an old scotiish lady?! LOL I need some sleep. I meant MY not ME.


SonyaM - February 23

I have two. One my mil made me (a pain) and the other one I bought. I used it alot at first but now I don't. It's such a ha__sel and I usually forget. I think I paid 20 at Toys r Us.


tnmommyof2 - February 23

I have a floppy seat. It is wonderful. I never leave home without it. It completely covers the seat of the buggies, even the handle. And it works good on high chairs too. I recommend it. You can get them at Toys R Us for around $40 or ebay for alot less.


Erin1979 - February 23

I totally love mine too! I bought it at Winners for $15. It has toys that hang on the handle to keep dd busy while I am shopping. I hated the thought of her putting her hands (or God forbid her mouth!) on the cart.



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