Should I Be Offended

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Jadyns Mommy - November 8

Sorry this isnt exactly about infant care but I just had the strangest encounter with my neighbor and I honestly have no clue how to react. I saw her in the courtyard and first off she said what a cute little boy Jadyn was even though she is wearing a purple top with frills and a headband but to add insult to injury, when I casually said "she is a little girl" she smiled and said "oops, all mexican babies look the same to me... brown" and just laughed as she walked off!!! I must have stood there stuck on stupid for a good 30 seconds because I could not believe what I just heard. I really dont know if I shoud be angry and address it or if I am just overly sensitive because it was in regards to my daughter. I would love to just ignore the entire thing but she already acts like our little complex is a constant running episode of Melrose Place and is always sticking her nose in everyones business as well as talking about everyone behind their back and this makes me wonder if she makes other little remarks like that about her to my neighbors and if so, I want it to stop. On the same note, if it really isnt a big deal, I dont want to stir up more trouble and cause problems that arent needed. As an outsider looking in, does this seem like she took a mean stab at my baby girl right in front of my face?


krystal - November 8

i am native american and if someone said that to one of my kids i'm sorry and i'm not usually violent but they had better start running. seriously i don't know what that woman was thinking. And the laughing makes her even sound more terrible.


Jadyns Mommy - November 8

Thanks krystal. Your right, the more I replay it in my head, the worse it seems and the angrier I am getting so I need to go and say something because I know I wont be satisfied til I do. I am really p__sed at myself that I stood there like an idiot when she said it and didnt stop her right then and there.


Shannon - November 8

wow! i can't believe she said that!!! is she an older lady? my grandfather occasionally makes racist comments, i think it has something to do with the era and how he was raised. i'd be furious if i was you! i'd probably would've been struck speachless too, and then think of all the things i should've said. if i were you, i'd let this one pa__s, but if she said anything even remotely like that again let her have it!


TC - November 8

Hell yea you should be offended!! I can not believe that someone said that and to your face nonetheless. I think you should let little lady know how rude her comment was. I say give her the benefit of a doubt that she did know that she was being offensive.


Jadyns Mommy - November 8

Ok, this is gong to be long because I really need to vent. I think the last 30 minutes have been the weirdest in my life. I had to wait for Jadyns dad to get home to stay with her so I could go down there and talk to her and the whole time I just kept getting more and more mad so by the time he got here, I flew out the door mad as hell. First her husband answers and introduces himself as DR whatever the name (they just moved in here about 2 months ago and I have been so busy with the baby that I have never really been introduced to either of them, have only heard about how the wife has caused trouble already) anyways, I ask to speak with her and he asks me why so I give him a quick rundown and he says "I dont understand? Why do you want to talk to her about that?" so this little p__s-ant is only fueling my anger by not just letting me talk to her directly so I explain that I dont want bad feelings so I want to make sure she was not trying to be rude and suddenly she jumps out from behind the door (the nitwit was apparently listening the whole time) and says "You snapped at me just because I didnt know your baby was a girl!" First off, I did not snap at her and secondly, that reply only proves that she WAS trying to be rude and make a smarta__s comment like that to p__s me off. Again I am in shock and stand there for a second with my mouth open, when suddenly another neighbor comes out of his place and at first I wanted to turn around and tell him to mind his own business but he chimes in "yeah, she is a real peice of work that wife of yours" to the Dr! So the Dr slams the door in my face. My other neighbor comes out and tells me that she makes nasty comments to him as well and at first I was confused because he is white and it took me a minute to realize that he kept saying his "partner". He told me that she once asked him who does the cleaning in the home and when he said both her reply was how funny that neither of them wear the pants in the family. So I have concluded that she is just a complete idiot that does not think before she speaks and thankfully I am not the only one in the building to know that. She is a young girl, maybe late 20's so she is aware of political correctness, I just cant believe the nerve of some people. After about 20 minutes, Jadyns dad finally came down with the baby to make sure he didnt need to take up a collection for bail money (hehe). I am going to do my best to avoid her in the future because now knowing that how she is, Im not sure if I wont knock her out next time!!!


to Jadyns Mom - November 8

You are better than me because I probably would have let it go after being speechless. I am glad you stood up for yourself though. Don't let that b___h get to you, obviously the only joy in her life is hurting others and when confronted she hides.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 8

This is such a touchy subject, as to say something or not. I think you did the right thing by going and saying something. It does surprise me that she is only in her late 20s. You would think with a comment like that, that she would have been in late 70s. My grandparents do not want to meet my daughter b/c she is mixed. I have come to realize that some people are just that stupid. They have so much ignorance that they can not see behind the color of peoples skin! You are a great mommy and you have a very beautiful little girl (and even if she were in blue I would be able to tell she were a girl, such a little cutie that little Jadyn!) Dont worry about what people have to say and just remember that some people are big loser idiots! Oh and one more thing, if that guy is a medical dr. remember not to take your baby girl to him, he is an idiot too! lol


Jamie - November 9

Can you complain about her to the apartment managers? Cause, that equals hara__sment. to me.


Jbear - November 9

That woman sounds like she has a serious problem, maybe even a mental problem. You can't reach her age without having any clue how to behave around people, so it's obvious she was trying to make trouble. You'll be lucky if they don't complain to the complex manager that you showed up at their door "threatening them." I know you didn't, but it sounds like this woman loves to create conflict. I think in the future you should just ignore her, walk the other way when you see her coming, if she speaks to you act like you don't hear her. You don't talk to the toilet when it flushes, why talk to this woman? And I do know how you feel, I've had some comments made about my kids, and sometimes I've spoken up and other times I've ignored it. There was the time my FIL's neighbor told him in spanish, "are you sure you're a grandpa? that baby looks too white to belong to your son!" and I told her, "she must be his, all the other guys I did that month were black," but I wish I hadn't, because my FIL didn't realize I was being sarcastic and started talking to my husband about divorce. And I had a coworker who kept talking about "mexican babies" so I told her my husband was hispanic and I was an expert on "mexican babies." She apologized and said she was raised to be very prejudiced, and that it was difficult to break the habits of a lifetime (this was an older woman). That time it was worth speaking up.


Racahel mommy2lucas - November 9

Some people are so ignorant!! On one hand, she knows exactly what she is doing and is doing it purposely to rile you and others up. So you know that she must be a pretty miserable person to begin with. Part of me says be the better person and feel sorry for her, but my brain reacts before I think, and I have gotten into huge screaming matches with a few neighbors that did not relate to my son. The second one of them were to say something like that about my kid, my dh would need to bail me out. I tend to react quickly when p__sed off, usually leading to me telling someone off in not a nice way. You had every right to confront her, I may have killed herLOL. I have a next door neighbor now who will not come out of his house when I'm out because I told him that was the only way we would ever get along and if he came near me or my family or stepped onto my property I would call the cops. And that was just for him being annoying and messing with my dogs.


Jadyns Mommy - November 9

Thanks everyone for helping me feel better about this. I cant believe how upset it made me that I actually had dreams about it last night! I dreamt that it turned into a physical fight but none of my hits were landing correctly and I was getting so frustrated! When I woke up for a brief second I thought "Oh my gosh, I got into a fight with my neighbor!" before I realized it was a dream. Im so glad that you all agree that I had every right to be angry about it. I wish I could go to a Mgr but these are individually owned condos so there is no actual Mgr but I guess I am lucky that they cant complain about me either and thankfully I have a witness since the guy across the hall came out as well. Stephanie, thanks so much for the kind words. Im so sorry about Amayas grandparents. I dont know how ANYONE could not want to hug and squeeze that gorgous baby girl you have, she is irresistable! But it sounds like Amaya will be better off not meeting them if they are going to be like that. JBear, I thought your comeback was hilarious, too bad your FIL didnt get it. I would have fallen over laughing. I will defineitely take everyones advice and ignore this woman in the future because I just dont think I can put something like that behind me. It would be one thing if she insulted me, I could probably just shrug it off but to insult my daughter? Noway in hell can I just forget about that. I better stop, I am getting myself all worked up again, hehe.


Jadyns Mommy - November 9

Hehe, thanks Racahel. Maybe in the future I will just send you after her, you dont mess around!!!


Lissi - November 9

That sounds like a pretty ignorant and racist thind to say. You've every rught to be angry. I'd be offended if it was my daughter! She either mean or stupid.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

Yeah, it's kind of a joke with my friends and family. I have a big mouth and do not like to be messed with. I am the nicest person til someone irritates me, then watch out! Anytime anyone needs something done about an issue, or a refund for something, anything along those lines, they ask me to take care of it because nobody will argue with me once I get going. I promise to be their worst nightmare until I get results, that tends to work most of the time. I never let anyone walk on me. I feel sorry for the fool who says anything about my baby in the wrong way-Look out psycho mommy coming thru!!!LOL


Jamie - November 9

Rachael, are you by any chance looking for an apprentice? 8^)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

Jamie- Absolutely!!! Always looking for someone to corrupt and/or start trouble with! : )



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