Should I Be Safe

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tryin44 - November 15

So, my DD is four weeks as of this past Tues. DH and I had s_x today. He has been bugging me for the past week and I gave in. I was a bit sore but the problem is, he didn't pull out. I assumed he would because he is WAY against having a fifth kid. I know they say you can be very fertile after having a baby. I am br___tfeeding and about 3 oz of formula. Anyone, get pregnant in this sort of situation. It has only been once.


ImpatientMommy - November 15

The t_tle of your thread is "should i be safe" the answer is simple. Be safe if you don't want another child. Yes, you are more fertile right after having a baby. and yes there is a possibility you can get pregnant from just this one time. It doesn't matter if it was just once, any time you have unprotected s_x you can get pregnant. P.s. "pulling out" is not a form of contraceptive. You can still get pregnant.


tryin44 - November 15

I have four kids I understand that. I know it only takes one time. I am just wiondering how many of you have had that happen. I would be fine with another and my husband would live with it if it happened. I also know pull out is not birth control but it does dramatically decrease your chances. I will get on birth control at my 6 week app like I did with the others. I toldmy husband no more til I get on the pill.


andy - November 15

hey tryin44 ... You could surely get pg ... Why don't you get a tube ligation if you have already 4 los and don't want 5 ???


excited2bemama - November 16

yes you could get pregnant but its unlikely. SOme sources say the first 56 days post childbirth are no fertile if b___stfeeding.. but sinc you are usinf formula a litte bit... . Its unliekly but yes it could happen.


tryin44 - November 16

My husband is getting a vasectomy the first of the year. However I will need to be on birth control for six months afterward anyways. They say you could still get pg for a bit after the procedure. As stated earlier We would be fine if it happened. I am a stay home mom and finances are no issue for us. Another baby would put no burden on us in any way other than it would be another lo so close to our new one.



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