Should I Break The Habit Now

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nickie13 - February 25

My 4 month old likes to be rocked, i'm scared thats its going to be a problem later. I was woundering if would be hard to break this age.


Heather F - February 25

we also rock our dd to bed and she is 11 months old, I figure whats the harm in spending 10 or 15 minutes quality time with your little one to help them settle in for the night?


SuzieQ - February 25

I don't mind doing it either and my dd is almost 5 mos old. I used to babysit in high school, and one of the girls I watched was 2 and had to be rocked to sleep - it was very special to have her fall asleep with me and I really want to have my dd do it too :)


ash2 - February 25

My DH is 9 months old and i cherish that bond : ) You are gonna miss those days so rock while you still can !


CyndiG - February 25

I agree, they're only little once. Enjoy it! Soon he'll be too big to even fit in your lap! I know, my 1st baby is 8 and I would love to rock her to sleep! :O}


orchidmom - February 26

I agree with you...but dont worry, everything will be normal.


Hana - February 26

Oh i really wanna rock ds but he wont let me, he doesn't sit still and wriggles around everywhere and wants to see everyone and everything...did i mention the boys in dh's side of the family all have ADHD LOL doesn't look too promising!


ashtynsmom - February 26

I still rock my dd- she is 13 mos!! After her bath, we read a book, and then she sits on my lap and we rock until she nods off. I wouldn't trade that time for the world!! Sometimes she turns around and wraps those little arms around my neck and snuggle into my chest- I LOVE IT!!!


KLC - February 26

I don't see anything wrong with it. Trust me, my oldest is 9 and he won't even let me hug him before the bus anymore, because someone might see - so get it while you can!!!


snugglybugglys - February 26

My 4 year old still likes to be rocked! :)


punkin01 - February 27

nickie rock that baby everyday and night because when he/she is 16 almost 17 like my son you will wish you could rock him just one more time.....and yes i do have a DD and another DS on the way ....and dd loves to be rocked and i will rock her till she is 16 if she will let me and the DS on the way too.............


nickie13 - February 27

I dolove rocking her i was just scared thats the only way i would get her asleep


LisaB - February 27

Keep on rockin' I would love if my ds (15months) would still let me rock him- have you read the book I'll Love You Forever? Great childerns book. This post made me think of it we read it daily.


jwhite - February 27

I am worried about the same thing, I also want it to be easy for our parents and/or babysitter to put her to sleep when we want to go out for a date night. My mom loves to rock and so does my dh's so there's no problem there, they both tell me do it as long as you want, they don't stay little for long and they don't I can not believe my dd is going to be 7 months tomorrow I feel like I just popped her out yesterday. I lvoe her so much and I enjoy that bonding time every night before bedtime but I also don't want to teach her bad habits...



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