Should I Give Formula Or Diluted Juice

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ssmith - March 8

My dd is 10 months, and nurses about 4 times a day. She is also eating solids fairly well. But, I am totally neurotic about her getting enough nutrients, protein etc etc etc.....and I am also worried that she isn't drinking enough liquids. So, do you think I should be offering her formula in her sippy, or diluted juice? She never takes more than an ounce of either at a time....


luviduvi - March 8

Hi, I think that it would be okay to put either in the sippy. My dd started drinking juice in a sippy at 6 mths. She never liked form. from the sippy however. Have you given dd a sippy and/or juice b4? Also, if you are worried about the nutrients ask your ped. if you can start putting liquid vitamins in the juice or formula. Enfamil makes a liquid vitamin.


ssmith - March 8

Yes, I think my biggest concern are adequate nutrients etc. Diluted juice really has very little nutritional value.....and that crosses my mind whenever I give it to her....I can't help but think that maybe formula would be a better choice.....?


Bridget - March 8

If she is eating solids you can start to whip up your own baby food and then you can control the protien she gets. It sounds harder than it is. I boil a few chicken thighs, let them cool, puree them in a little food processor from Target (they have them from $15-50) and then put the puree in a baggy and roll it out with a rolling pin and then freeze it. When you want to feed it to her, snap off a piece (if it froze on the thick side and won't break off, use a meat tenderizer like a hammer) and nuke it for a very few seconds in some water. I do this with brown rice (it needs a good amount of water to process down otherwise it gets thick and b___s up in the processor) lentils, which are full of protein and potatoes. Then I just take some chunks of each or whatever and defrost them by nuking about 15-20 seconds (JUST enough to make them soft) and mix with a jar of a single ingredient like green beans or carrots and this way he is getting used to table food and I can control what he gets. I buy organic because I live where it's pretty popular so it isn't that much more $ than the regular stuff, but I'm not a fanatic either. The best way to get nutrients is through your food so I try my best to get him as much good stuff as I can. Yogurt is good too but don't give her nonfat or lowfat, babies brains need lots of fat for proper development at this age.They make baby yougurt or get the Brown Cow cream top plain or vanilla and mix it with a jar of fruit. I hope this isn't too long. My son is a year and 3 weeks and I've come to see what works and what doesn't and I figured I'd share what I'd learned. BTW, adding water to the food as you process it increases the water in her diet and truly, she'd let you know if she were thirsty. Formula has lots of protein and so it's good she's still taking that too.


janelle - March 8

IMO I think if you are nursing her she does not need formula. Is she gaining and growing good??The diluted juice is what I do I also nurse and our lo's are prettty close in age.Are her diapers saturated when you change her that is a good indication she is gettting enough liquids.I know what you you are saying about the juice having very little nutrition but she gets all the good stuff from your milk it is just an added liqiud to quench her thirst. Maybe she is not ready for the kind of sippy cup you have I use the nuby 3 in 1 it has a nipple like a bottle and handles and she seems to be able to use that better than a regular sippy cup.



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