Should I Invest In A Diaper Disposal Bin

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M - January 15

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and beginning to plan for my little one's arrival. Just have a rather stupid question, as I am new to all this babystuff (although very excited about it!!)... Anyway, when you are changing a poopy diaper (I'll be using disposable diapers) do you put it aside and then throw it out in the big bin once you're done changing the baby so that it doesn't lie in a normal bin smelling all day??? OR should I invest in one of those 'diaper disposal bins'? (if yes, do you still change the bag every day?) Sorry to be so ignorant...


Jbear - January 15

I use ziplock bags...just stuff the diaper in a bag, seal it, and then stick the sealed-up diapers in a bag hanging on the doorknob...that way whenever one of us goes out we throw the diapers out.


Jamie - January 15

I think it really depends on if you b___stfeed or formula feed. My niece and nephew were both formula fed, and their poopie diapers stank sooooo bad, it would knock out a skunk. My brother and SIL used a Diaper Genie, and thank god they did. LOL - But, my own daughter is b___stfed, and her poopie diapers don't smell bad at all. We just put them into our regular trash, no big deal. But, now that she's started on solid foods, the poo is starting to stink, and I'm contemplating getting a diaper genie. You don't have to change it every day, just when it's full - it's designed to keep stink in.


Jbear - January 15

Oh, I forgot...after a while you become used to the smell of won't even notice it, you'll have company and they'll be gagging...but it will smell normal to you.


Jbear - January 15

And just wait until baby starts eating table food...I didn't get my eldest potty-trained until she was 3, and there were some things she just plain wasn't allowed to eat, because I couldn't face the diapers afterwards.


L...(Hannah's Mom) - January 15

We used a diaper genie with our first and now with our second we just discard the diapers into our regular trash (I am b___stfeeding). I found the diaper genie useful but it is was also just an extra bin to clean and empty. I think when my daughters diapers hit the stinky stage...we will go the ziplock (or plastic shopping bag) route.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 15

I think the diaper genie is the best thing in the world! Whoever invented it should recieve some kind of award! Anyway, I have one and love it (if you cant tell) At first I was putting every diaper in it and the bag lasted for like 4 months. then after we changed the bag we only put poopie diapers in it and now my baby is 8 months and we are still on bag #2. SO imo I would think using ziploc baggies would be more expensive. The diaper genie comes with one set of bags and teh refill is like $8-9 or something. We NEVER smell it. It is very easy to empty the bin and once you are emptying it you never have to touch the diapers. I highly recommend it! Just put it on your gift regestery and someone will get it for you that have had kids!


HEATHER - January 15

We have the diaper geine and my only thing is you have to empty it almost every day!!! So after getting annoyed at that we now only put poopy diapers in there and yes it locks the smell away great.


Christy - January 15

I have 2 Diaper Champs (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) and I LOVE them. We only change the bags once a week on trash night, but baby is still exclusively bf. I had to change he bag sooner once b/c it was too full and a tad stinky. The one nice thing ab out the Champ is that you don't need special bags for it. You can use shopping bags, trasg bags, whatever fits. Just make sure it is a sturdy bag. You don't want it busting dirty diapers all over the place in the middle of your home! LOL! :)


pbj - January 15

I also have a diaper champ...I didn't even want a diaper bin, but my SIL bought one anyway. I'd heard that diaper genie was a waste a money, but I love my diaper champ because you can use any kind of garbage bag with it you want. You have to buy bags special for the diaper genie. I say get one, it at least keeps the horrid smell from escaping through the house. (I bf for a month and her bm's still had an odor to never smells like roses)


Stevens Mom - January 15

I have to agree with Christy..I also have the Diaper Champ..It is a great product! I bought the champ as well because of the bags. You can use any bag you want,no smell either. Although when you do go to put a new bag in, it's pretty stinky. I'm always armed with my can of Lysol spray.


Shannon - January 15

I have a diaper Genie and i like it a lot. i b___stfeed and i still think the diapers are smelly (i can only imagine how much worse formula fed baby's diapers are) enough that i'm glad they're not sitting in the regular garbage. and i might have to empty our the diaper from it every week and put in a new dispenser thingy like every month, give or take a week. it depends on how often your're changing diapers and stuff. i put all diapers in mine, including pee-pee ones. wow stephanie!!!! how in the heck do you get yours to last that long?!!! i mean i could be a tad off by saying a month but no way does mine last 4 months!! on second thought i think i'm on our 3rd dispenser and my baby is 11 weeks.


amanda.d - January 15

I have a diaper bin and its a waste because I usually don't change him in his room. I just use a groocery bag to tie it up and put it in the regular garbage and at the end of the day I take it out.


Ginger - January 15

M- Don't waste your money on one of those diaper bins! WAY to complicated to change the bags was my experience. Good thing I got it at a garage sale for $5. I use the Dollar Store sented diaper bages. I think there are about 500 sented bags for $1. My son is 5 months old and I just now had to get another box of them. At our $ Store they are in a blue box on the baby isle! God Bless and good luck w/ your delivery! ;)


Dawn C - January 15

i HAVE THE DIAPER GENIE ALSO. It was give to me as a gift. I love it. I dont have to dump it but every 3-4 days. My lil one is b___stfed.


C - January 15

I love the diaper champ. It's much more user friendly than the Genie, in my opinion.. I empty it 2 x's per week but my son goes to daycare full time.


sugar+spice - January 15

we have a diaper genie, and i hate it! every time you open it up, it still stinks. if i were you i'd just get a trash bin with a lid on it that you could empty daily. it would work the same. (how can ya'll like the diaper genie? am i using it wrong or something?lol.)



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