Should I Put My Son In His Crib

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Julie - November 22

My son is 5 wks. old and is only getting up once during the night usually around 2 or 3 to eat. The problem is that he makes loud noises while he sleeps it almost sounds like tires squeeling. I can't get any sleep due to this noise and end up picking him up to sleep with me. If he sleeps with me the noises seem to stop he only makes them in his bassinet??? I am just wondering if I should now move him to his own crib in his own room so that I can get some rest. I has been 3 nights now without any sleep I am dying here.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 22

We moved Amaya to her room about that time. She also was a loud sleeper.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

Just the last few nights I started putting Lucas in his crib for the first stretch of about 4 hours. He is a loud, restless sleeper. I have gotten such better sleep that way. He usually sleeps with us, and I have been bringing him to bed with me when he gets up to eat, but I think we are on the right track. It has been a major breakthru for us since Lucas always knew when he was in his crib and would wake immediately. I thought he would never sleep in his crib. But Yay! We're getting there. I would give it a shot.


oo - November 22

yes, of course you should put him in his crib. my son has been in his crib since day 1 and with a monitor it works out great. he's been sleeping through the night since 2 mos. he's now 3mos. and he's b___stfed


Julie - November 22

To OO do you mean a monitor so you can hear the baby or a monitor that will be if it hasn't detected movement? I fell if I use my regular monitor I will still hear him making his noises but his room is close enough if he cries I will hear him.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

I have realized I cannot use his regular monitor because I cannot sleep thru his noises either. I hear him when he cries too. It would be the same as him sleeping with me if I used it. Not sure what 00 meant.


monica - November 22

I put him in his crib from the first day we brought him home from the hostpital. He sleeps all night and he is loud and moves aroudnd a lot.


Leahp - November 22

Hi Julie, sounds like the same problem I had, my little lady was a very loud sleeper making noises during her dreams and I practically woke up every few hours. I knew I had to go back to work so I said to my husband we gotta get her in her crib, the first night we put her in there while she fell asleep and she awoke so we let her cry for five mintues, then the next night ten minutes, where eventually I'll grab her up and put her on the b___b and then she's tired of crying and the milk puts her fast asleep, now she knows automatically that the crib means bedtime and I can lay her in there with her eyes open, if she fusses I give her the binky or rock her a little more to make her sleepy. I must say and others will say this, babies sometimes sleep better in their own bed and you do too, so it's worked out great for us. I only get up twice with her to feed and she goes right back to sleep. It only took us less than a week to get her to go to bed peacefully! Good Luck


monica - November 22

Hi leahp its monica from those wonderful doppler days. Its been a while since you had been here. When was your little girl born?


Heidi - November 22

Emma is a very restless sleeper too. She's been in her crib since 4 wks and she's 6 wks now. Her crib is next to my bed cus she's still up every 3 hours to b___stfeed so it's just easier this way and I still worry about her choking cus she spits up in her sleep sometimes and I can hear it. If I put her back in the nursery I'd use the monitor and then I'd never sleep cus that thing picks up everything!!!! I've learned to sleep through her restlessness and I only get up to feed her if it's been 3-4 hours since her last feeding. She won't cry either but she has gas issues so sometimes I take her out in the tv room till she settles back down so we don't wake up dad. It works good for us. At bedtime I lay her in the crib and I turn our tv on and sit on my bed and watch my shows and turn on her crib mobile deal and give her a pacifier if she needs it and she never cries. Usually within an hour she's asleep. I don't think that's too bad for a 6 wk old.


Christy - November 22

Ben has been sleeping in his crib since he was three days old. We did the ba__sinette the first night we were home and my husband quickly put an end to that. Anywy, he is 2 weeks old and the crib is going fine. I only get up 1-2x/night to feed him.


Leahp - November 23

Hey monica!! ahhh the doppler days, amazing that not too long ago just hearing her heartbeat was a high, but now seeing her smile makes me even higher. Sophia was born Oct. 1st and my due date was Sept. 19th so we sat around for a while. What about you??? I couldn't remember what you were having and when??? It was good to hear from ya!



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