Should I Say Something Or Bud Out

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kris313 - January 17

I have concerns about my niece getting enough to eat. She's 12 mos. and only weighs 17 lbs. I'm not sure how tall she is but my lo is 4.5 mos. and they're practically the same height (23 in.). She's still on formula, no juice or milk. She's never been given cereal at all. The only "real" food she eats is cheese, otherwise its strictly baby food - and stage 1 at that. She still wakes up in the middle of the night for a bottle, every single day. They don't go to a pediatrician but to a family doctor my sister-in-law's mother works for, and he's like 70. As a first time mom myself I'm not really sure what "normal" eating is for 1 yr old. Am I worrying over nothing? And I should mention that the SIL and I don't exactly get along, which is why I'm hesitant to say anything.


Emily - January 17

I would tent to think the poor child isn't getting enough to eat. I wouldn't condem them for using a family doc. I use a dfam doc but hten again he used to be a ped. He had me start my dd on rice cerel at 4 months. maybe mention this to your mom or id it your dh mom?, maybe it would go over better coming form grandma. However I must say too taht my dd got up in the middle of the night and wanted a bottle at 1112 mos too, but I think it was more for comfort than anything (i am hoping her sister doesn do the same thing when she gets to be that age....) Maybe talk


Rabbits07 - January 17

It's better to tread softly on this subject or you could end up causing an even bigger riff in the relationship than what is already there. Firstly, does the baby have any medical problems that maybe you aren't aware of since you and the sil aren't that close? My own personal opinion is that a baby that old is well old enough to be eating 2nd and 3rd stage foods (and even alot of table foods), but I don't know the baby's history....perhaps she has had problems with the chunkier foods (some babies really have problems with gagging) and her dr. has suggested that she stay with the strained 1st stage. There's really nothing un-nutritious about the stage 1 except that at her age she would need well more than one jar to make a serving. Also, consider the fact that she may just be a small baby. My daughters were always very small...they followed a low growth curve (10-15th percentile) their whole infancy. My youngest daughter is still very small at 12 years old she is 4'6 and weighs 65 lbs. There is the possibility though that the baby does need 9 month old was recently dx'ed FTT and a drastic increase in calories was needed to get him gaining. He was already eating cereal 2x a day and 3 jars of baby food as well as nursing 3-5 times a day, but it just wasn't enough so his pedi put him on high calorie Pediasure. Whatever the case is with your SIL I would approach the subject very carefully. As Emily suggested maybe you could discuss it with your sil's mother if you have a good relationship with her? I would really try to keep from confronting the SIL one on one since you don't have a good relationship to begin with as she will probably view it as an attack more than a valid concern. Is this your brother's wife or your husband's sister? Maybe have the brother/dh talk to her??? Just throwing out some suggestions....


kris313 - January 17

If she had any medical problems my brother would have said something. I'm the first person he calls when he's having a hard time with something (and there lies the root of the problem with my sil). I could possibly talk to my brother about it directly and then he could talk to her. What really kills me is that our mom used to be a peds nurse and neither one of them ask her advice about anything (and she stopped giving it when my sil told her she didn't need her advice). Instead they listen to a doctor that has given them incorrect info on just about everything (like not to put shoes on her at 8 mos. because walking that young will hurt her legs). I should probably mention that my sil's mother works for this doctor, which is most likely where his credibility came from. I don't want to make things worse but I don't want my neice to suffer either.


ashtynsmom - January 17

I would try talking to your brother first. My dd is going to be one on the 23rd and is only 19 lbs. It is not the size of the baby that determines whether or not it is healthy. Is the baby happy? Reaching milestones on time? Things like this matter in determining the healthy, not just the weight. I agree that she needs more than just stage 1, but maybe she eats multiple jars of the stage 1. My dd has never been a big eater, and sometimes to this day, a stage one would be enough, I swear. We don't offer them anymore, but as little as she eats... that would suffice. If you are truly concerned, talk to you brother first. Let him decide what he thinks about the situation- he is there more and around them more.


ElizabethL. - January 17

I agree with ashtynsmommy, my daughter was 17lb.12oz at her 12 month appt and is moving right along developmentaly. Her ped. thinks she is perfect and has no concerns about her weight. Babies come in all different sizes. I would be concerned if she is not hitting the normal milestones of a 12 month old.


sahmof3 - January 17

Agreed w/ Elizabeth. I have 2 friends whose daughters were only FIFTEEN-something at a year... no problems whatsoever. My 4 month old was roughly the same size as the one friend's girl and she was 16 months (approx. same weight and height). But both kids were healthy.



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