Should I Take Him Into The Doctors

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Danielle19 - February 21

jordan has RSV, and hes been to the doctor 3 times in the last 2 1/2 days, but today he is really wheezing, just wondering what i should do, i don't want to go there just for them to say hes fine, he usually wheezes at night but hes doing it alot today, but he can still cry and laugh a little, and play so i think hes getting enough oxyegen, what do you guys think


mosley12 - February 21

hows his color and bpm? id atleast call his dr. and see what he says


Kara H. - February 21

Is he on breathing treatments or liquid albuterol? Is his lips turning purple (or really maroon) or blue when coughing? Our ped put Max on albuterol when he was just wheezing when he coughed. She said she would up the dose of he started wheezing more. Try boiling water on the stove to keep the house moist. If I am ever in doubt over what I should do, I always at least call the doctor.


srigles - February 21

Keegan was wheezing as well, so we took him to the hospital (doctor was on holidays) and they put him on ventolin. The doctor there told us that if we're ever concerned at all, get it checked out. He said that we should never feel like we're being a pain in the b___t by bringing him in, because a baby's health can change so quickly. Might not hurt to at least give your doctor a call and see what they think. Hope he's feeling better!


sahmof3 - February 21

I'd give them a call. Things can change quickly when they have RSV, so better safe than sorry IMO. gl


Rabbits07 - February 21

I would think a call to the dr. is definitely in order.


mandyrenfro - February 21

when its their breathing involved please do not hesitate at all. i worked at a daycare and one mother refused to have her son checked out when he was wheezing- we called her to let her know, the next morning she was calling saying they were in the hospital because he stopped breathing at night. my son had RSV around christmas, and I know its a pain to keep going back, we went five days in a row, but for the safety of my son, its worth it.


Danielle19 - February 21

thanks, i called and are waiting for a call back, I just think that the clinic thinks im crazy when i keep going back, but it feels better to know im not the only one, hes bpm is 40, and his color is good other then he's got really red checks and he took a nap and slept pretty well, not much coughing, im just so tired and stressed since i havn't been sleeping because im afraid something is going to happen to him well he sleeps, so i just stay up watching him, and i don't trust dh to stay up with him he sayd he will but i know he will just go to sleep



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