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Rabbits07 - January 22

I just found out on the phone with my manager this morning that a coworker of mine is going to be let go in the next week or two. This girl is a young girl (17) and the reason she's being let go is because basically no one besides me that works there can stand working with her. (I guess as the parent of teens I am a bit more tolerant?) She has been written up and warned in the past for different behaviors.....text messaging while on the clock, failing to pull her fair share, etc. After being written up and warned if things didn't change that she would be fired she has changed. The thing is she is also a very loud, mouthy, (some might say obnoxious) type person which is why the others still don't like working with her. I just feel sorry for her because her work habits have improved so she is basically going to be fired because of her personality. The manager told me that as soon as there was another complaint about her she was gone. I guess I should also mention that several customers have complained that she is loud and it's not only employees. I just feel bad for her as she told me the other night that a woman had offered her a job making a little bit more money than what she currently makes, but that she was going to turn it down because she likes where she's at. I just hate to see her turn that job down and then get fired from this one. I really wouldn't know how to even go about saying anything....I really couldn't say it right out as I would be breaking my manager's confidence. What would you do?


SonyaM - January 22

That's a tough one. I have been in the same situation several times. I would say not to tell her for several reasons. 1. The manager might not fire her anytime soon and then she would just be a sitting duck waiting or she could b__w up at him which wouldn't look good either. 2. I think it's a good lesson to learn for young people that they can't act obnoxious at work. With friends yes but they need to understand there is a place and time for everything. 3. If she has been written up several times you can't blame the manager. He needs staff that will relfect well on his store and that he can depend on to get the job done. I think keeping this girl on would be a detriment to her. It's better to learn the tough lessons now rather than when you are older and there is more at stake. Good luck in whatever you decide.


SuzieQ - January 22

I wouldn't say anything to her. It's not your job to tell her she's going to be fired. It sucks, but she has been warned. I know I sound a bit heartless, but that's what I think. Good luck!


Lisastar9 - January 22

She has been warned in the past,she might be fired. I would say nothing except,If you ever need to talk about things in the future I am here for you no matter what. If the other job is still available try to encourage her more to take it,if her personaliry is better suited for the job. Maybe she is afraid to move on because this is the first real job she has held for the longest time. She may think she likes it for the reason. Give her your phone number,and befriend her in a motherly way. Maybe she will contact you when she is upset after she is going to be fired in the future,then you can explain to her how she has improved ,what she needs to do to improve herself better.


drea - January 22

IMO, I wouldnt say anything. what if the manager doesnt end up firing her, then you'll feel bad for saying something in the first place and if this girl has a big mouth she may say something to the manager that you told her. Like the others said she has been warned. Good Luck


sahmof3 - January 22

Yeah, I agree with drea. If the manager reconsiders, the girl may also think you were just being catty or trying to psych her out or something... and if he doesn't, well, it sounds like it's a case where she will have to learn the hard way. It could be good for her in the end. I do hope she can take the other job, though. I would hate to see her end up jobless.


Kara H. - January 22

Besides for possibly looking bad if the boss reconsiders, I don't think you would be doing her any favors in the long run. Better she learn the consiquences now than when she is older and has bills, rent, etc. I would no way risk your own reputation with your boss, for a teen who has a lot of growing up to do and a lot of time to learn and recover from her mistakes.


Kara H. - January 22 could encourage her to take the other job without reveiling what you know...


Rabbits07 - January 22

I think I will follow all of your advice and keep quiet. I knew that point blank telling her, "hey sweetie, you're getting canned so take the new job" wasn't an I just feel sorry for her. She's a teen and just bought her first car (so she needs a job to pay the insurance and car payment). I had talked to her about WHY texting on the job and stuff was unprofessional, but she can't seem to grasp that some of the things she says in front of customers and the way she words things is not good. (even though I've pointed out why it was not good after the customer is it's not good to be sniffing while serving someone's food and inform them that you are "trying to suck the boogers" back in your nose...UGH! I'm about 99% sure she's gonna get fired as the manager said the instruction come from the owner. I think I will take the advice too in encouraging her to take the new job and that's about all I can do I guess. Thanks.


ash2 - January 22

Have you maybe thought about talking to her about her personality ? Ya know, say something like " ya know --------- i have kids your age, and sometimes they come home and tell me., blah, blah,.......maybe she will get the point ? blah



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