Sick 4 Mo Old And I Am A Wreck

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docbytch - January 26

Hi. Took my boy to the doc yesterday... Turns out he has a sore throat (which has been going around our house despite my quarantine efforts) I know we can only watch him and treat the symptoms.....bjut nothing scares me as much as the thought of having a sick baby! It probably doesn't help matters much that my DH is gone flying one of his trips and that I am also sick with the same type of thing mhy boy alone caring for him. Just wondering if anyone out there has any time-tested and proven remedies for sick babies. He is getting tylenol for pain (no fever yet thank god). I HATE seeing him sick!!


tish212 - January 26

one thing that always helped me growing up was sitting in the bathroom with the shower running full hot ... ie: sitting in the bathroom full of steam it quiets coughing and soothes sinus pa__sages.... hope this helps (not sitting in the shower sitting on the toilet or the floor)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 27

When my daughter had strep throat nothing helped her...she had a wimper for 2 days straight and only slept 5 minutes here and there in a 32hour period. It was horrible, I felt so bad for her, I couldn't stand seeing her the way she was. She was almost 4 months old. The swing helped her a ton, she would only go in the swing. DH was there to help though and even stayed home from work and my Mom helped out another day. Her fever went as high as 102.1, she was in and out of the doctors office, so sad because she got her shots a few days after which made me feel way worse. As for home remedies I have none, but if you b___stfeed try pumping and warm up a bottle for him...the warmness should help sooth his throat. As for formula feeding, the same thing. I really hope he gets better, I hate hearing and seeing babies getting sick. Just give him lots of for you, if you aren't b___stfeeding drink some green tea with honey and vinegar. If you are b___stfeeding regular tea or flavored tea works too. The vinegar always works for me.


MelissaK - January 27

docbytch - My DD is 4 mo and had a really really bad virus last week. It's a rough few days for sure. She's better now. What's really wild though is the total difference in the baby! Before she was sick we have struggled and struggled to get her to eat even a measly 20 oz per day. AFTER she got better (Friday) for 3 days now she has been SCARFING more than 35 ounces per day. She's incredibly happy, squealing constantly, barely cries at all - and hungry hungry hungry!! My DH claims that aliens came and switched babies! So, there is a light aqt the end of the tunnel, just keep up your strenght as best you can and you might end up with wonder baby like we did ! (we keep saying, "what happended to our baby??")



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