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Julie - November 22

I am just wondering if any of you have been paranoid about SIDS. I read an article that says only 1500 babies die a year from SIDS. I don't think that is such a big number. I think it is terrible but I also think that they make us paranoid about everything these days. I swear it is a big marketing tool as well so we go out and buy the special swaddling blankets and stuff to prevent such things.


L - November 22

I was so paranoid about SIDS with my first child, I literally slept with my head propped on her ba__sinet next to my bed and checked her breathing constantly all night long. It is normal concern for first time moms. I now have a 13 week-old and boy the second time around is so stress-free! I do practice safe sleeping methods though.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

I really believe sids is already pre determined in the infants it happens to, it is just undetectable. I think a lot of times the hype causes more paranoia than anything. I try not to be too worried because there are only so many things you can do to prevent it, if anything at all. It is all guesswork. My little guy is so strong, and sleeps so restless and noisy I know he is okay all the time. I really do not worry about it.


Shelly - November 22

I try not to think about it and I follow all the guidelines,but still it is a scary thought.I will be happy when Jesse is over 4 months old,I heard that SIDS peaks between 2-4 months.


Lissi - November 22

I was paranoid and used to sit up all night listening to her breathing, but after a few weeks, I realised that I had to sleep at some point, and I stopped worrying so much. I do still check her breathing a few times at night, and sometimes have to stroke her face to check she's still alive. I put her on her back and check her temperature at intervals. .......OK, I am still fairly paranoid.


BBK ® © - November 22

It is one of those things that is *overdone*. It's tragic but extremely rare. If you don't smoke around the baby (or at all), and put the baby to sleep on his back, the odds are almost zip.


Tami - November 22

I worry as well. I sleep right next to Kailey (she is in a cradle by her bed) and I automatically wake up every hour to check on her. I guess I just worry in my sleep. I, like Shelly, also cannot wait until my little one is over the four month mark! I know I over do the worrying, but I am a first time mommy and I think it is normal to worry like this!


Shelly to Tami - November 22

It's nice to be "around" at the same time.I will e-mail you in a little.


Julie - November 22

It's just another thing to worry about I swear. When I was pregnant all I worried about was a healthy baby and all the tests they perform. Now I won't sleep until I know he reaches the 4 mo. mark either.


TC - November 22

I usually get paranoid right bf I go to sleep at night. But, I take one last look at him and tell myself that it is now out of my hands. I honestly thank God for allowing me to meet him and go to sleep. I agree with Rachael, I think if it is meant to happen then it will and being paronoid does not do anything but stress you out. Just try and follow the sleep safety guidelines and try not to worry so much.


Julie - November 22

Thanks ladies I agree there is nothing you can do. I think most babies that die from SIDS also have other health related problems or poor prenatal care by the mother.



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