SIDS Amp Bedroom Tempurature

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jen327 - October 24

Ok, so here is the golden question. All the liturature says to help prevent SIDS you should keep the baby's room at 68-69 degrees. So tonight we put our thermostat down to 72, my husband could not go lower. And it is freakin cold in our room now. So is that right? We had it at 74 and we were comfortable but did get hot in the middle of the night. So if I keep the temp there, what should I dress him in? Fleece? I don't want him to be too cold.


wailing - October 25

I think I read 68-72 degrees is fine. 72 is really cold for me. We always kept our house at 74 degrees and he was fine. But if ur really worried then put him in a full onsie w/ no blanket


excited2bemama - October 25

WOW.. you all live in a hot house.... we turn our heat down to 64-65 at night. dd is in a onesie, fleece jammies, and a fleece sleep sack. (we live in NH) Even in the summer we would set the ac at 70 abd dd would be in a onesie and a swaddle blanket.,


Prego1 - October 25

We also turn our heat down to the 60's. We live in KY now but are from Michigan and used to cold weather. 70's is too hot for DH and I. We have dd wearing a sleeper at night w/ a onesie underneath. I also put a blanket on top of her. Sometimes she will wear a long sleeve onesie and then go inside her sleepsack.


moescrilla - October 25

I have ours set at 70, and it was kind of hot last night, so I put the fan on, and woke up last night freezing, and so did Leyton. It seems like when its too cold he wakes up earlier to eat. If its 70 with no fan on, and I dress him in fleece, I put his little thin swaddle blanket on and he does fine. Anything else and he wakes up earlier than usual ready to eat


docbytch - October 25

Gawd I would DIE leaving my house in the 70s or even the mid to high 60s. I live in WA and don't use heat in half of our house at all. There is ambient warmth from the furnace and hot water heater on that side as it is....The half that does have heat turned on is always set to 62. The way I see it is this: It is more easy to dress warmly to prevent yourself from feeling chilled if need by (saves money too)...but it's a lot harder to feel cool if you are overheated. I also leave a source of fresh air going at all it a fan or open window. Of course in the warmer months I tend to use an awful lot of a/c...more than most...but it's always set to 64. My ds wears a onesie...fleece jammies with feet....a sleep sac and hat. His lower body gets a little blankie wrapped around it too.. His body temp has been just fine. I would never let him get cold....but I gotta deal with my own tendency to be hot all the time!!! At least as far as SIDS goes...research has shown that cool temps and fresh air sources are GOOD for the prevention of SIDS. I can sleep easier knowing that


ImpatientMommy - October 25

I'm confused. Is the concern that they would get TOO cold or TOO hot? I don't know know what temperature it is in our house... never do. We have air conditioners in like every room on (still) because we get uncomfortably hot if we turn them off, we tried recently because we figured it's October! But they're still on. I don't think you have to obsess over the temp. just use common sense. If it's really cold in the room just keep them warm with clothing, I wouldn't be concerned unless it was wicked hot in your house. Also if their hands or feet are really cold then she probably needs to be dressed warmer or kept warmer.


mlm056 - October 25

Hi Jen327 -- I was concerned about SIDS as my lo has sleep apnea -- I purchased the Angelcare monitor -- it has literally been a lifesaver -- it has gone off twice as ds didn't take a breath for over 20 seconds -- scared the hell out of me but gives me the piece of mind of knowing that my ds is constantly being monitored. I can't say enough about the product.


excited2bemama - October 26

The concern is that it would get to hot.. being to warm is a sids risk factor. Cold hands are not a good indicator of baby's body temp... feeling the back of the neck is.. baby's hands are often cold.


jen327 - October 26

mlm056, my DS also has sleep apnea and our insurance covers the sleep apnea monitor. It is so much more effective then the angelcare monitor. I suggest you call your ped ASAP to get one. They told me the Angelcare monitor can't be used for sleep apnea.


mlm056 - October 27

Thanx Jen -- I will call on Monday.


squished - October 28

We keep our house at 72 at night and our ds wears a onesie and is swaddled in a cotton blanket. I've wondered if he's cold, but no complaints from him so far :). He still sleeps in his ba__sinet and I think that it's a little warmer in there then our bed. We just went to CO and there he slept in footie pj's with a cotton blanket and a knit blanket swaddled. It was about 60 in the bas____nt room.


Val - October 29

We keep our thermostat in the mid 60s at night, and ds sleeps just fine in footed pjs and a long sleeved sleep sack. He's larger so he tends to be warm.


crystal74 - October 30

I put my LO in a sleeper and keep his temp at 70.



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