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meme - September 14

Has anyone started this yet? I've been saying & gesturing "milk" to my lo since he was about three months old (so for a month & a half), and he seems to really understand when I say "milk"... not so much when I gesture it yet though. Anyone else doing this? I think it's great!


Brenda M - September 14

Hi Meme...we've got the DVDs and watched them one time through when our son was 2 months old (he's 2 1/2 now). We plan to really get serious about it when he's 3-4 months old. I already do the gesture for cat, dog and milk, so we'll see!


meme - September 14

Oh yeah... we have a cat, and whenever she's around, I say her name & I make cat sounds. It seems like he's making the a__sociation. I never had any instruction on sign language except for my doula telling me about it. I should really borrow a book.


Heather F - September 14

We have been signing with dd since day one, she is now 6 months old and has been signing for milk since she was 5 months, (by one day) - whenever she is hungry she shows me the milk sign and I nurse her, I am working on the sign for more and all done now and am patiently waiting for her to use them as well. After she gets the hang of those I will probably introduce the sign for eat and sleep, and continue until she has signs for all of her basic needs. I love the fact that she can sign to me when she is hungry and cant wait for her to have more signs in her vocabulary. Good luck with signing!!


krnj - September 14

It's funny that you mentioned this, I just signed up for a cla__s! It's good to know!


AlissaF - September 14

I took sign language in high school and i am still semi-fluent. I read in a baby signing book to wait till the baby was 3 months old, so I have still been holding off. I did start signing milk, but that is all so far. I think I am going to go the same route as HeatherF and do the basic needs first. My friend's daughter has a couple signs down at 1yr (they started signing late) and it is so cute to watch!


meme - September 14

Yeah, I'm only concerned with basic needs signs too. Milk, more, all done, pee & poop, sleepy, in pain/sick, etc.



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