Sign Language For Babies Anybody Taught Their Lo

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Erynn21 - January 30

Hey all I have been looking into learning to sign for simple things for Nora to communicate to me for, water, bottle,eat, etc...She's not quite 5 months, but I've been researching signing and am interested to see if anyone has done it, has any recommendations for books, good websites or anything pertaining to this matter. Thanks.


SonyaM - January 30

I have used sign with my second son minimally but it has worked. Mainly we have done all done and more and he does them both now. We started about age 4-6 months and he started doing to back at age 10-12 months. I am certainly no expert on the matter but wanted you to have this info.


Erynn21 - January 31

Well i was reading that they can learn quite a few things and have been looking into books for it. I am getting a couple from the library and hopefully will be able to teach my dd some signs. There is a website that shows a bunch of babies signing for different things, so I am going to keep researching this, thanks SonyaM for the info.


Nerdy Girl - January 31

"Sign with Your Baby" by Joseph Garcia is a great book. We were really consistent using it with our first baby, and she was signing back to us by 8 months old. We were a bit more lazy about it with our 2nd baby, so he's not really signing at all. He's the one I really hould have been signing with though because he's such a late talker (only 3 words now at 14 months old), while my daughter was very verbal very young. Bottom line is if you commit to it, it totally does work.


HEATHER - January 31

I do!!! I went to a cla__s at the hospital when my dd was around 5 months or so and started then, with just a few signs, more, milk, alldone. then added eat and diaper change when she was around 6+ months. She couldnt sign them back to me yet but surly was getting to know what I ment. then when I noticed that she was physically responding to the signs and was trying to do at least one of them, I added help and hurt, up, bed, and tubby. once she masterd all these signs I added more. she is now 17 months and can sign to me.. more, up, help, hurt, cat, all done, milk, eat, cerael, diaper change, toothbrush, tubby, socks, shoes, lights, drink, water, dog, music, book, fish, bed, good... im sure there are more, but basically now I teach her a sign just a couple times and she picks it up. for her birthday someone got the set of dvd's from babysigns dot com and she LOVES them!!! I highly recomend them!! but also there are a couple websites that are helpful in teaching you how to do the sign. if you want more info email me HEATHLEIGH21 at YAHOO dot com



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