SIL And Baby Update

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sahmof3 - January 13

Well, my SIL could use your thoughts or prayers. She just had her baby last night after a super short 3 hour labor... pretty good since she is 42 (just kind of bringing those up to speed who may not have read my other post). Anyway, they waited several hours for her to deliver the placenta, but it never came, so they had to do a D&C. Later, the baby started spitting up blood, so they took her to NICU. My MIL said that they think she got some after birth in her stomach, but my MIL tends to get things mixed up LOL I don't know how she could get afterbirth in her stomach when it never came out???, but I've had all c-sections, so.... Anyhoo, at this point they aren't extremely worried, but are running test because they aren't 100% sure what caused the spitting up of the blood. She also won't nurse for my SIL, but I'm thinking this is normal if they have Lydia on an IV feed, because that happened with my daughter, too, and she was just so satisfied with her IV feed that she slept and slept and wouldn't nurse. Anyway, obviously my SIL is very concerned (to say the least)... thanks for reading!


lexa - January 13

Oh my goodness! Absolutely in the prayers!!!! I hope all works out well for the little peanut and you let us know as soon as you find out anything. I hope she takes to nursing. I tried and tried with my dd, but she absolutely wouldn't do it for anything in the world! I hope Lydia isn't like that.....I love that name! Please let us know!


Alison - January 13

I will pray for your SIL and little Lydia please let us know! xxx


sahmof3 - January 13

Thanks! I'm headed out today, but probably my MIL will have an update by this evening when I get home!


sahmof3 - January 13

... just headed out locally lol... I read my post and thought it looks like I meant headed out to my SIL ;-)


Rabbits07 - January 13

I will certainly be praying....have you heard anything else? Birth can be quite the bloody experience....I remember when I gave birth to my fourth he was so bloody looking it actually scared me a little. Maybe baby swallowed some of the blood from the birthing process on her way out?


ash2 - January 13

Oh my, that is awful....i will be praying for them.


Lisastar9 - January 13

Anytime for a update. How is the baby doing.


sahmof3 - January 13

I asked my MIL if she has heard anything more, but she hasn't. So, now I'm worried, but hopefully no news is good news!!


mommie2be - January 13

definitely praying... looking forward to udpate. hugs!


sahmof3 - January 15

I just got an e-mail from her... pics and all :-) They came home last night and everyone's doing well!!


lexa - January 15

YEAY!!!! Glad to hear all is well with them! Congrats



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