Silly Size Question

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tryingx3 - February 21

Clothing sizes are strange to me. What does a 9mo old wear and what does a 15 mo old wear? Know what I mean? You can find size 6mo or 6-12. You can find size 12 or size 12-18.


Emily - February 21

Let em tell you, dont expect all 6 mos olds to wear 6 mo clothing. They have 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9mo, 12 mo, 18mo, 24mo, and then toddler sizes. It all depends on your baby's length and weight. (Length more than anything I think cause my dd were well with in the weight guidelines on clothing and didn't fit length wise…..) The thin is that clothing for older babies is spaced farther apart cause they do not grow as fast, so a 15 mo old can wear 12 mos clothing or 18 mo clothing and those sizes will be wore three or four times longer than a three month old can wear 0-3 mos or 3-6 mos stuff. Make any sense? My two year old wore 24 mos stuff at 18 mos and is now two years, 6mos and still wears 24 mos pants. The shirts are a bit too short so we can't buy combo outfits anymore…..She wore 3-6 mos stuff the dya she was born. My 8 mo old could not wear 3-6 unitl she was closer to three months. The sizes really have nothting to do with what age they are. My oldest wore 12mos stuff at 9 mos and 18 mos stuff at 15 mos and 24 mo stuff at 18 mos and has been wearing it since (with the exception of the shirts, they are 3T or 4T and some pants that are 3T) My 8 month old still fits into a lot of her 3-6 clothes and my oldest was out of those by five months…..Am I making any sense?


lin7604 - February 21

i agree with the PP.It is very frustrating finding clotes for my ds. He is 4 months this saturday and he is wearing 6 month old stuff and has been for the last month. BUt the problem is that he's 18 lbs but 26.5 inches. SO the stuff that fits him isn't long enought and the other size up is 12 months for most stores and then the stuff is wayyyy toooo long! I find sears stuff is too long for him when it fits him every where else! so i always have to bring him or a item with me to compaire sizes to, to see if it will fit. Most of the stuff we have gotten as gifts i had to take back as all the sizes in different stores fit different too.


tryingx3 - February 21

Too funny! Thank you! I would like to buy some "end of season" STUFF for next winter, but don't know what size to buy. I can see now that I had better only go with really good deals and know that I might end up selling them on eBay! :-)


ashtynsmom - February 21

Yes, my dd is 13 mos old and still wearing 9 mos clothing. I bought a bunch of 18 mos stuff for this summer, at the end of last years season.... now I am concerned she won't be able to wear them afterall!! She may be in 12 mos this summer!! ARGH!


Emmie - February 22

Sizes really dont matter. I have a 10 month old and he wears 18 month clothes. He is big boy.



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