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Chelsey - October 11

I'm not one to click on pop-ups, or links, but did on the Similac one, that usually pops up on the forum sites every so often. So, to anyone who uses Similac, I suggest you do it, next time you see it. I just filled out the information, did a short survey thing, and now reap the benefits! In the past 2 weeks I have gotten 3 cans of Similac Advance, $60 in cheques (to be used for discounts), and 3 diaper/carry bags. I'm not sure if they are over sending these things to me, but I know my mom signed me up for Similac offers also. So, if you want free formula, discounts for formula, then just sign up with Similac, and get friends and family to do it for you too. with formula costs, it really pays off! I imagine that whatever formula you use, you can just go to the website, and get free samples and coupons as well! (With my first baby, I had Nest;e sending me things all of the time)


Chelsey - October 11

Nestle, I mean!


KOOOL - October 11

KOOOOOL!! thanx 4 the info!


amanda.d - October 11

Ya I did this and just recieved my 2nd can of formula and diaper bag today. It's cool.


Shelly - October 12

Thats a goodidea Chelsey,thanks for the tip.I haven't used similac yet enen though i still have some samples.Do you like it,i mean does Gabriel like it? So far i have only used Enfamil lipid and Gentlease and Nestle Goodstart.


Chelsey - October 12

I used Similac with my daughter, and with Gabriel. My daughter loved it. She wouldn't drink anything else. (So much for those Nestle samples I had). Gabriel also loves it. I haven't tried to give him anything but Similac. As long as he is happy, I am happy too!


@}---}----- - October 12

i havent seen the pop ups you speak of


chelsey - October 12

oh, just keep your eyes open, they are around! You dont have to wait for them though, just go to the website.


Chelsey - October 12

The company that makes Similac is Ross. So check it out!



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