Similac Sensitive RS

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Prego1 - November 15

Anyone using this formula for their LO that has reflux? I was told DD has mild reflux and dr. recommended her to be on this formula til 2 months old. I have noticed her stomach issues continue and possibly even got worse. She wasn't taking Axid before, now she is. She was never a spitter at all so I don't see the need for this formula that is supposedm to reduce the amount of spit up. I want to stop giving this to her now. On top of that it's kind of expensive.....what do u ladies think? I'm wondering if this formula made her reflux worse due to the rice starch? I wish I had researched this before giving this to her. She will be 3 months old on the 31st of Nov.


jen327 - November 15

My son has reflux (he is bf) but the spitting up got worse as he got older. But it is possilbe the rice made it worse. The rice is supposed to keep down the fluid because it is thicker. When my LO is bottle fed though I put in "simply thick" into the b___st milk and it works fabulously.


Prego1 - November 15

I asked the dr. about that simply thick and she didn't like it. She said it will make dd constipated. Is this true? I just gave dd similac sensitive w/o the rice starch and she drank it fine. I think she is ok w/ this formula w.o the rice cereal. Somuch to think about.


rohan - November 16

Yes, we used the thickened formula with our son for a month. His relux did go down with it. It's thicker so doesn't come up as much and also the starch - when it comes in contact with stomach acid thckens further. Anyway, we are taking him off it becuase he seemed to have got more ga__sy with it Iwe think) and a little constipated. He gets both b___stmilk and formula - but while he was on this formula he had aversion to drinking. It mught have been reflux but we still didn't think we should give him rice cereal. Once we took him off it he did seem to spit up a little more. he is less ga__sy and constipated. We plan to try it again when he turns 5 months old. it might be easier for him to digest rice starch then, and it did help his rflux - in terms of spit up. For now we plan to use nutramigen or alimentum.


jen327 - November 16

I asked the pharmacist this exact question and he said that simply thick is preferred because it does not cause constipation. When we tried the rice our DS got horribly constipated. So we love it. It might be up to each child but I am glad we use it over rice. I just feel like rice is too filing. This has 0 calories so I don't feel like I am giving DS more then he needs.


Prego1 - November 16

Thank u. I don't see anything wrong w/ simply thick and would really like to try it. DD is really picky though, I just hope it won't alter the taste. She got used to drinking the RS and now she won't try another. I was able to get her to drink just the reg. Similac Sensitive without the rice starch after a wrestling match! She seemed fine. No spit up.



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