Simply Thick Loose Stools

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Prego1 - December 17

Anyone using this for their LO to thicken their formula? I'm suspecting that this is what's causing loose and frequent stools in my DD. She has been going 4 times a day....she used to poop once a day, some days she won't even poop everyday. Pls. advise.....I remember there were a few moms here who use this....thanks.


January - December 17

Are you using the gel or powder thickener? If it's the gel, thats what's causing the mucousy looking stools. At the hosp we call them gelatinous BMs. The old patients we give it to cuz they have trouble swallowing get those stools.


Prego1 - December 17

I believe Simply Thick comes only in gel. Thicken Up and Thick it is the powder form. So does this cause loose and frequent stools?


jen327 - December 17

Yes, Simply Thick for babies is only in gel, and YUP is causes mucus looking poops. It does not get digested so it just comes out as it goes in. Looks like you solved the mystery!


mjvdec01 - December 18

Can I ask why you are thickening the formula? I have never heard of this before.


Prego1 - December 18

Jen: I wish they would put this info on the website. Also when I called the rep didn't know anything about this. Still doesn't explain the frequency of the runny stools! My dr.actually told me to stop using it but I don't want to bec. that might aggravate her reflux! MJV: I'm thickening the formula per recommendation of her pediatrician due to reflux. That's is a standard treatment for infant reflux to help them keep the formula down.


jen327 - December 18

MJVDEC01 - Simply thick is used to thicken formula or b___st milk for babies who have reflux bad. Some drs. reccomend rice cereal, but I was against that, so we tried simply thick. For our son he spit up more for some reason so we stopped it. The pharmacy we purchased the simply thick from told me about the loose stools.


Prego1 - December 18

Jen327: So what are u using now to thicken your LO formula or b___stmilk? Is there anything else we can use? I don't want to use rice cereal either.



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