Singing To Baby

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Jami - December 18

Im only 23 weeks, but i have been trying to figure out some songs that i could learn to sing to my baby after he is born. I've looked for different lullabys and i cant seem to find anything that would be nice to sing. Does anyone here sing to their baby when they're fussy or while putting them to sleep or anything? I love to sing, i just want something kind of special and sweet sounding to sing to him. If anyone has any ideas about songs, that would be great :)


Kelly K - December 18

I don't know any lyrics so I just sing whatever pops in my head in a lower tone. It works now while she's really little. :)


Narcissus - December 18

Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little angel, close your eyes, rest your mind, and you wil drift to sleep. You can make it up as you go along.


The real Lissi - December 18

Nadya loves people singing to her. Her favorite songs seem to be "If you're happy and you know it" and "Teddybear's Picnic". When she's tired, I'll just sing her every song I know, but just slower and softer. It's not so much what you sing as the tone you use which is important. She loves that song "Santa Baby" at the moment too.


T. - December 18

My daughter loves when I sing to her too! I sing Christmas songs right now because 'Tis the season, lol! Anyway, I never thought I'd sing to her because I don't like to sing in front of people, but I do and she likes it!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 18

I swore I would never sing in front of people too and now I catch myself singing in the line at WalMart, dancing in the grocery store and playing peekaboo at resturants! lol Amaya loves any kind of music, its like they said on Three Men and a Baby, "its not what you read/sing its how you say it!"


FF - December 18

For bedtime I sing Cat Steven's "Moonshadow" or John Lennon's "Imagine", and during the day I just sing along with the cla__sic rock station!


Beccah - December 18

Remember on Hook when little maggie was singing on the pirate ship? I loved that song and looked it up (When You're Alone), it actually has real lyrics! There's no recording though so I don't know exactly how the notes go, but I make it up and sing it to Bradyn.


Jbear - December 18

When I first started singing to my daughter, the only things I could remember were the abc's and the ants go marching (except #3, my best guess was that the ant stopped to take a pee). Then I started learning all the kids' songs from sesame street videos. We made one up for our oldest, and she sings it to her baby sister now: Nighty-night and good night, go to sleep now my princess, go to sleep and have sweet dreams, and wake up in the morning light.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

I make stuff up as I go and my son really has a liking for the Gwen Stefani song, Ain't no holla back girl! It is hilarious but he laughs and gets excited when I sing it, go figure.. If youre happy and you know it is another favorite, but I mostly make it up!


88 - December 19

Peter paul and mary's ..."if I had a hammer" is my sons favorite sweet and medium tempoed.


Beccah - December 19

LOL Rachael. I know the words to a lot of popular songs and I sing those also. I once sang "Bring me to Life" (Evanescence) to a kid I was watching.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 19

I sing all the old war songs. Adam used to love 2 little boys. I'm not sure if they were sung in America.... Ben likes we'll meet again lol! Bless him :-)


momma - December 19

i bought and recive cd's for my dd and alot of them have words there is also websites on most of the cd's that you can visit and print out the words so you can learn them im not sure what any sites are off the top of my head (shes napping so i will check later) you can also sing any song you know its the sound of your voice that they like you could even make stuff up whatever you sing im sure baby will love it



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