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Angiconda - February 4

Hi Ladies I was just wondering when you all started giving your los a sippy cup. Also I read in my what to expect in the 1st year and it said something about 6 month olds possibly be able to hold a cracker. Isn't 6 months to young to give crackers?


Lisastar9 - February 4

I would agree on the cracker thing,but remember the book was printed a long time ago so not all the advice is valid. You may find other things you don't agree with but don't heed to the advice. Six months is a good age to start. I use the nuby kind.


shelly22 - February 4

I gave my son a sippy at 4 months. He mastered it by about 5 months, I gave him one with the handles of course. I wouldn't give my 6 month old a cracker though, I didn't even give him puffs until 7 months. I didn't know it said 6 months for crackers, wow.


Keli - February 4

my baby is almost 7 mos old, and she isnt even holding her bottle...


sophandbob - February 4

I gave tris a sippy cup from 4 months when I introduced juice. He is now nearly 6 months and still isn't too fond of it, mainly because of its contents (he doesn't like water or juice!) but we perserve. He holds it and managed to get it in his mouth, but when he has a sip he turns his nose up to it! He is just getting the hang of holding onto his bottle to feed himself, but he's got to be in the right mood for it!


ConnorsMommy - February 4

I started my ds on a sippy cup at 6mos. and he was completely on sippy cups by 8mos. =) .. I started early because I wanted him to be off of bottles before 1 and I thought it would take him a while to get used to the idea.. but I guess not =P


dee23 - February 4

i started ds at 6 months, 3 weeks ago. he still hasent gotten the idea, he thinks its a toy or something. i fill it with water, but he barely ever sips it. ironically, he loves me to feed him water from a normal cup!


Angiconda - February 4

Ds will be 6 months on friday and he isn't holding his bottle just yet but he tries. I dont think he really understands what he is doing when he does hold it. Maybe I will try and see what happend I was looking at the nuby brand but I didnt seen any with handels.



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