Sippy Cup Warning

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SonyaM - March 5

Oh My Gosh, I am in shock. My 17 month old ds has been waking up really early (new thing for about a week) but we leave him to play in his crib. He is really good about playing in there and deosn't seem to mind. So today when I went to get him I found him in a pool of water. He had opened a sippy cut (Playtex) and poured the water all over him, the bedding and his stuffed animals. He was even playing with the plastic/rubber stopper. I can't believe he opened it. So, no more sippy cups unsupervised for him. Just wanted to warn you guys that your lo might be able to open the lids.


Nita_ - March 5

oh my god! How in the world did he get to open it? My dd is only 8 months old and doesn't drink from sippy cup well yet, so am always there with her. but this is a good warning to know about!


piratesmermaid - March 5

Holy cowboys! I'm like Nita_, we're still working on introducing the sippy cup so... But wow, I'll keep that in mind when she starts to get the hang of it. How did he open it (I mean I know how they open, but wow)?



Ahh poor baby so he didn't let out a peep? Dd is 5 months so I am slowly introducing the training sippy cup, thanks for the warning Sonya.


luviduvi - March 5

Hey, there is a sippy cup w/o the plastic thingy. I don't remember what they are called but one has a blue top and the other is yellow and they have elmo and Zoey on each cup. They are wonderful


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

Don't they learn so quick?..


SonyaM - March 5

Yeah I am still shocked. I have no idea how he did it. I just can't stop thinking about what could have happened. So scary.


tryingx3 - March 5

emberbaby - are you calling the "training sippy" the same thing they call a "transitional sippy"?



yes I think its the same thing. Basically I just add the handles to out Avent bottles and let dd learn to hold it. The funny thing is she will hold it a lot more for dh. When I feed her she wasnts ME to hold it for her. It figures,



sorry for the typos ;0)


tryingx3 - March 6

I actually bought a sippy - it has handles like describe, but is a sippy...she chews on it, doesn't know how to suck on it yet.



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