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nic nac - June 20

How do you integrate the sippy cup while on solids and formula? Do you give them formula in the cup for every feeding? Thank you


Narcissus - June 20

I started to give my son a bit of water with his meal. He loves water as a result and loves to use a cup also. I still used a bottle for formula but he has a sippy cup full of water at his disposal throughout the day. He can drink from it as he wishes.


pbj - June 20

When Mattea turned 6 mths and started eating fruites and veggies, I also put water in a sippy. She immediately grabbed for the handles, but had/has a hard time tilting it all the way back to get anything out of it. So I just tilt the bottom back for her. She didn't like water a first, but is getting the hang of it now (7 mths), she gets excited when I give her, her cup. It takes a while, but I say integrate it sooner than later and they may catch on quicker. I do sometimes a a tiny bit of juice to it, but she doesn't like it...strange child doesn't really like fruit. lol! Just an FYI, I have found that the nuby sippy's work the best, which was also a hint from a mom on this forum, but I don't remember who.


SonyaM - June 20



Rabbits07 - June 20

I like the Nuby, too....but my last son realized that he could force his finger down through the spout of it because it was so soft and there went the leak-proofness! They are really good when they first start out though.


Shelly - June 20

I tried one from gerber first but my son wouldn't take it,now I got him the nuby and he loves it!


Ang - June 20

My son seems to be having trouble with is sippy, he chews on it but won't suck. I tried getting on with a soft spout but he does the same thing, I took the thing inside out to show him that there was some pedialyte in it but he still doesn't seem to give a flying f**k. LOL Any suggestions?


nic nac - June 20

thank you guys. helpful as always. I bought the advent sippy. you can use the nipples from the advent bottle (haven't tried it yet but that's what i was told). I hear the sippy cup leaks after a while but i will give it a try for now. Ang I don't have an answer but I would like to know too.


LisaB - June 20

My ds had a hard time with sippys in the beginning so I got the First Year disposable cups at the grocery store there are 4 or 5 cups for a couple bucks- anyway they are very easy to suck on. They do leak a little but are great for first timers now ds had moved on to other sippys but it was a new sucking experience for him and they helped with the transition.


nic nac - June 20

if the advent doesn't work i will try the disposables or the nuby.


Jamie - June 21

The Nuby cup is the only cup my daughter will drink from. I give her water or juice with meals, and if it's particularly hot, I will make sure she has a cup of fresh water within her reach all day.


nic nac - June 21

wow. guess i should have looked into the nuby cup before buying the advent. Does the nuby have handles too?


AmandaManns - June 21

I give my son the Nuby cups as well and he loves them. He will drink juice or water out of them and I have not tried formula yet because he is only 6 months old. I think that they do have Nuby cups that have handles on them as well as ones that do not have handles. My son drinks out of them cups that do not have handles and can hold it on his own, but I am almost positive they have cups that have handles as well.


binkys mom - June 21

I started out with the Avent..and my son never could use it. Then I got him a gerber first cup...and he loves the does leak though. The Nuby's are also great...they don't leak. My son loves the gerber because of the handles and the nuby. It took him a good 2 months..then one day he started sipping and he loves it.


nic nac - June 22

d__n advent!!!! Arggghhhhh. I just bought it and it leaks already. I only tried it three times so far. Anyway, my dd can get it in her mouth but she doesn't know how to tilt her head back herself in order to get water from it.



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