Sippy Cups

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young - October 24

hi i went to the wic and the lady said that i should give my 6 month old juice in a sippy cup i think its too early. how old were your babies when they started using sippy cups? i tried with one that my mom gave me but she just plays with it. are there any special ones for first timers?


momma - October 24

my dr. told me to start using sippy cups at my daughters 6 mo. check up (2 weeks ago) but the dr. also said not to put juice in the cup until she can use it well after she can use it well i can put anything i want in the cup for now i have just been putting water in it. i would let your baby start playing with a cup they will get the hang of it soon i let my daughter play with empty cups at 5 months she is doing very well at drinking out of it she drank about 3 oz. water all by herself last night i was sooooo proud


ivy - October 24

momma, have you heard of punctuation? a period is so first grade.


... - October 24

Ivy have you heard that no one really cares. Shes got a 6 month old to take care of...i personally dont care if someone forgot to put a period. you have to much time to sit there and proof read some ones reply.


TCB - October 24

Say it sister


- - October 24

with my little boy i let him drink from a cup when he was three months( only water) with my help of course. i find the best ones for first timers are not the spill proof ones. those take a little while to master. by the time he was 6 months he was drinking from a spill proof one and doing it perfectly all on his own. the earlier you start the earlier they catch on.


Jbear - October 25

Walmart has Nuby brand sippy cups that don't have a valve and don't spill. They have a clear, soft spout and cost about $1.50. My daughter was never willing to use the ones with the hard spouts, and the ones with a separate valve are just gross to clean.


Kathryn - October 26

JBear said exactly what I was going to suggest. These cups are wonderful. My son is five months old and I give him drinks of water when I feed him solids. The spout is almost like a nipple.


angela - October 26

hi thank you i'll try that one, we dont have a walmart here but i'll try to look for the sippy cup :)


Kathryn - October 26

I also seen in my baby talk magazine today that avent also makes a sippy cup with a silicone spout.


amber - October 27

Both my kids used a sippy cup a 10 months old my daughter hatted the bottle,wouldn't drink more then an once at a time but I gave her a cup and she went to town.


Kerry - October 27

i have the sippy cup that jbear mentioned she likes it but can't tip it up far enough to get a drink unless it is full I guess as she gets sronger she'll do better.


Jbear - October 30

They make spouts you can put on a baby bottle to get your baby used to drinking from a cup. They leak a lot, though.


karine - October 30

My daughter started using sippy cups at 9months...but she fell..and the sippy cup hurt her teeth, she was afraid after. Then when she turned 1yrs old, i completely took the bottles away, and tried her sippy cups...she had forgotten, and she was ok with the transition. with my son i baught about 10 cups of those "nuby" except i live in canada i payed 2.99$each. LOL plus taxes. Grrrrr!!!! And he used them at 7months. he was off the bottles at 13months


Jill - November 10

I love the NUBY sippy cups. My almost 6 month old daughter is drinking formula out of them now. They are so easy to hold onto, spill proof, and sooooooooo much easier than bottles to clean.


Kristi - December 10

My doctor told me to start my daughter on juice in a sippy cup at 4 months old. She said to continue formula in the bottle but introduce juice in the cup. I think it is just a matter of the doctors preference. She took to it right away even though it took me forever to get her started on a bottle. I thought the cup would be tough but it wasn't.



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