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ash2 - February 6

I know i am probably going to feel really bad after i read these responses, but DS is 8 months old and i havent even introduced the sippy cup to him yet. I know he should be completly off the bottle before a year old. My question is, how did they like it, and which kind did you use ?


Renea - February 6

Ash--don't feel bad--my little guy is 10 months and we just introduced it a little while ago. He is b___stfed and I don't pump, therefore he really didn't get bottles very often. I found that the sippy cup NUBY is really good for him. It has a rubbery top that is kind of like a bottle's nipple (I didn't get the nipple one though) and it doesn't leak. The only thing we are having a problem with is getting him to hold it himself....lazy boy!!


Rabbits07 - February 6

None of my children were ever completely off of the bottle by one year and I don't think that makes me a bad parent. Mason is actually the only one of mine that I have ever introduced the cup to prior to the one year mark. All of mine were broke from the bottle by the 18 month mark though. I just didn't feel my kids were ready for JUST a sippy at one year. They were awkward with it and way back in the day they didn't make spill proof I can't remember exactly when spill proofs came on the market, but I know they didn't have them (at least in my neck of the woods) when my first 2 were babies, maybe even my first 3....anyways, Mason was introed to the cup around 6 months. He still requires alot of help with it as he still hasn't grasped the whole concept. If he is still struggling with it at one year there is no way I will just take his bottle. If he does have the hang of it by then, great! But I'm not gonna stress over it. Okay, enough with the pep talk.....I got the Gerbers for Mason and like them. He couldn't grasp the whole "have to suck to get it out" thing and so I had to take the valve out. It has a nice soft rubber spout that is bendable, but yet durable and he was able to drink without getting drowned. I am going to put the valve back in here in the next little bit since he finally got the hang of having to suck on a bottle so I'm hoping he'll relate it to the cup as well. The Nuby's are good so long as you don't have one that likes to bite and pull at the spout with their teeth. My experience with Clint was that everyone I bought he had the spout bit off within a week. I also tried the straw type with Mason as I seen it was recommended alot, but Mason couldn't get the hang of it either. I think it was more just his inhibition to suck than a major problem with that type of cup though.


sahmof3 - February 6

My oldest wasn't off the bottle until 2 lol.


sahmof3 - February 6

Oops... hit submit too soon... I like the sippys with a handle on each side (can't remember who makes them).


Brittany - February 6

My daughter is 7 months and we just introduced her to a sippy cup yesterday. It's too cold here so I didn't want to go to the grocery store so I sent my hubby on a mission haha. He picked the Nuby sippy cup with the rubbery top like Renea mentioned. The thing I like best about it is it has little handles so babies can hold onto something while they drink and teach themselves to hold it. My daughter caught right on, I'm lucky because she always caught on when I tried new things with her. My son took almost a month to learn how to drink from the sippy when he was about 9 months. and then we tried a munchkin brand (it was a smaller cup with spongebob on it and it also had handles).


ash2 - February 6

Well, my oldest wasnt off of the bottle untill he was 2 years old, but i dont want to keep Aiden on it that old. It was such a ha__sle to clean those bottles daily !! I migh try the nuby....well i guess i will start this week ! Thanks ladies : )


cae - February 6

I tried introducing a sippy cup to Ethan, but even at 8 months he was not interested so I didnt push it. He is 1 yrs old now, and still on bottles. We replaced one of his bottles with his sippy cup. SO far, it is not going so well, its going to be a long weaning of the bottle, but thats ok. I found Ethan did best with the sippy cup with the straw, it has handles on the side, I think it is from Avent.



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