Sisters Son Not Barely Talking

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maryl14 - February 7

my dd is 2 yrs old as of monday the 5 th and talking alot she know many many many words and can comunicate very well now my sisters ds is only a month and a halfyounger then my dd and he only knows a very few words and when you tell him to say something he can't i'm really concerned he didn't even start walking until 2 months ago. but my sister said he is normal that him not knowing how to say words like cat and dog or simple words like bottle or cup or drink but all my children were able to comunicate rather well at 2. oh and he was premature could this be a sign of learning problems cause by his early birth


sahmof3 - February 7

Well, walking at 20 months is late, but I don't know if it's out of the "normal" range. As far as him not talking... my dd didn't speak yet when she turned 2. A few months later her language just took off. Now she just turned 3 and she speaks in complete sentences and is very clear in her speech. So, I don't think it's a big worry yet. Maybe by 2 1/2 she should ask her ped about it. My oldest didn't speak until 3 1/2 (he had a few words by then, but not many)!! He did need speech therapy eventually, but was caught up to where he should be within about 8 months of therapy. They kicked him out of the program because he was speaking too clearly lol. Anyway, lots of 24 month olds can't talk yet, so I think it's just something to keep an eye on at this point.


kellens mom - February 7

I don't have experience with learning disorders, so I can not respond to that concern. A boy at daycare is 2.5 yrs. Up until 2 weeks ago, he said no more then 10 words (but frequently grunted in anger over his frustration with his poor communication!). One night I came to pick up dd and he said "hi Mindy!" I was absolutely floored. The day before, this kid did not talk. It was like he picked up 50 new words OVERNIGHT! Since, he has really blossemed. When I was younger, I baby-sat for a boy that did not talk until he was 4(?). His brother could understand every grunt and would either get him what he needed or he would translate. Side note: I always panicked with the older brother was not around because I felt totally lost with helping the littlest boy. The little boy has now gone off to college. I personally would not worry to much.


sophandbob - February 7

There is some time delay with premies. Thy generally tend to reach milestones later. For example a 1 month premie will reach the walking milestone a month later than a full term baby. Were there complictions at birth that might suggest there would be learning problems? Remembering that all babies are on their own schedule. Some babies don't feel the need to verbally communicate, and as kellens mom said it can happen over night.


maryl14 - February 7

he was born 3 months premature and i believe the cord was wrapped around his throat


maryl14 - February 7

they didn't think he was gonna make it



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