Sitting In Tub

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Bonnie - June 8

You know those devices they make that help them sit up in the tub....when are they ready for those? When fully sitting on their own or sitting with some support? Mason is getting so squirmy on his bath pillow it's hard to keep him on it. But he still needs some slight support when sitting up. Thanks!


JAI - June 8

Bonnie...I also want to get the seat for the tub, Babies R US has one it says 5 to 10 months. It looks pretty good, and it swivels so you can get all the area's. I am thinkiing about getting it.


JAI - June 8

Here is a link...but this is Canadian.


olivia - June 8

I have the safety 1st chair that has an arm rest that hooks over the side of the tub for me to lean on. It is working out great since about 6 months. She is starting to try to stand up in it now at 9 1/2 months, but I think (hope) we'll get another 2 months out of it.


YC - June 9

Good question Bonnie. I want that Safety First chair that olivia has. I saw it at Toys R Us.


TinaMarie - June 10

I have a safety first one and I have used it since she was sitting with support. I would just keep one hand on her back to help balance her.


Bonnie - June 10

Oooh, thanks Tina! I was gonna get one but then it said 6 months so I didn't. I'll try one this weekend. :D


Jbear - June 10

I have the one with the armrest but I've never used it. I didn't try having her sit in the bath until she could sit up really well, because I had a lot of trouble with those bath rings and trying to get my older daughter to sit in the bath. The baby bathtub I had for Sophia was the one that converts to a sitting position, and that worked well for the in between stage when she was too wiggly but couldn't sit on her own.


hello - June 11

How old is he? My baby went into the normal bath when she was just over 5 months of age......


Bonnie - June 11

Hello, he is 4 1/2 months. He actually goes into the normal bath now but he lays on this pillow thing we got him for baths. He can't really sit up on his own (he can do that tripod sit for about 5-10 seconds but mostly I hold his waste). So he definately could not sit up yet in the tub. He has now learned to scooch about on his back though which he tries in the tub. Not a big deal since I don;t leave him for a second, but still....pain in the b___t! :D



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