Sitting Unassisted

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Kel - July 10

Hi, I was just wondering at what age your lo started to sit unassisted. My dd is showing so much interest in sitting up. When she's in her carseat, swing or bouncy seat, you always see her little head pulling forward like she wants to sit up so bad (dh and I joke that she is doing crunches!) Even when she is taking her bottle she is trying to pull herself up. I have a bumbo seat for her to sit in and we also prop her up on the couch and let her "chil" for awhile and play with her. I was just wondering are there any other things I can do to help her learn to sit up, she really wants to just to have a little variety, ya know? Thanks!


Kel - July 10

BTW - she's 15 weeks


Sophia - July 10

Mine sat una__sisted at 6.5 months.


sahmof3 - July 10

My first two were right around 6 mos., but the last one learned to combat crawl at 6 mos. and didn't sit up until 7 1/2, weird, huh?


YC - July 10

My dd started sitting una__sisted at about 5 months. She also did the "crunches" in her swing, carseat, couch, etc. We had a bumbo seat as well. I dont know that there is much else you can do. At about 4 months we started sitting her up on the floor. At first she was kinda arched over and we thought she may be hurting her back but we asked the ped and he said it was fine. They are so flexible. More and more she pulled her head back until she was sitting and right after started scooting. At 6 months she is crawling everywhere then when she gets to her destination she pushes back and sits herself up. It's too cute.


Bonnie - July 10

Mason is 5 months and ALMOST there. He can sit una__sisted for about 10 seconds before plopping over. I usuall sit on the floor with him between my legs and let him do all the work to sit up


AmandaManns - July 10

My son started to sit una__sisted at around 4.5 months and really really good at 5 months, now at 6 months he wants to crawl so bad and he is almost there he just needs to figure out how to go forward lol.


hrsmith - July 10

my son is 8months and he sits una__sisted for the most part, but he falls every now and then. he is quite strong but still has no desire to crawl. he does pull himself up every once in a while and will stand for a short time with me holding his hands. i wonder if he will even crawl very much before walking.


AmandaManns - July 10

My mom said I started crawling at 8 months and was walking 2 weeks later. So some babies just up and do everything all at once.


haymay - July 10

My dd is 12 wks, she does what you said your son does, pulls forward in her car seat and when eating etc. If we sit her on the floor she will sit una__sisted for a few minutes, then decide to lean over to lick her feet and can't get herself back up. We bought her a little booster high chair thing, we sit her in that and put toys on the tray and she has the best time knocking the toys off and just sitting there enjoying sitting up. I want to order her a Bebepod as soon as I can afford it, it's like a Bumbo seat but made out of different material.


haymay - July 10

Sorry I said son, I meant your daughter!


Kel - July 10

That''s a good idea using the booster seat, we have one of those (still packed away in its box in the closet) and never thought of doing that with some toys on on the tray. She'd probably love that.


erenimi - July 10

try an excersaucer. Dd loves hers, and it helps her with sitting. as long as sh e has fairly good head controll, i would try it.



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