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DDT - November 8

I know a lot of Moms have gone through this or are going through this so I thought I would get some advice. My ds (8.5 months old) started crawling about a week ago and is now mastering it very quickly...therefore he easily gets into a sitting position from laying. This is affecting his sleep (nap time & bedtime). During the night he is constantly waking up (4-5x a night) and I think even gets into the sitting position in his sleep. I have tried going in there but once he sees me he goes crazy. Now I leave him and at night he is able to lay down again and go back to sleep after a few mins. During the day once he gets into the sitting position he SCREAMS non-stop. Even after 10mins into a nap he has done this even though I know he's tired. Will this blow over as the novelty wears off or do I have to in essence "teach" him to lay down? How do I do this? It's just a vicious cycle to go into his room because once I leave his crying gets even worse and then he sits back up looking for me.


DB - November 8

Gosh, Audrey's been like this, but like you said, I think for her the novelty is wearing off. So far the only thing that has sort of worked is laying her down and then rubbing her back and sort of not letting her try to sit seems like this week she's been better about it, but she's sick too so I think she's too tired to sit up! In the middle of the night, cio is the only thing that works for her.


madison - November 8

i dont know what to tell you but i know how you feel! my dd started crawling 2 months ago and was has been sitting up and now pulling up in her crib for some time. just wait till your ds can pull up/stand up and scream for you, its even worse! not to scare i've been having lots of sleep issues with my dd, as you probably know from my other posts! when she gets mad or restless she now stands in her crib and holds onto the bars and screams! then if she's super tired she will fall down, sit up, then stand up again, over and over again. she has also fallen asleep sitting up, but it will only last a minute because then she falls over and cries even more. i guess they are just so excited they can do all these new things, its all they seem to think about! so cute but so frustrating for us!!!! i think its a phase but i am a new mom so not so sure. we also let her CIO a lot more often now, and i feel the same way, she seems to get worked up even more when i go in. i have been waiting 15min usually before i go in and today she has down a lot better than the past few days, so we'll see how tonight goes. back to your question- i would say yes, lay him down when you go in, and i would think that would help him understand its time to lay down and sleep. at least thats what i do with my dd right now, too. good luck!


DDT - November 8

Thanks ladies! It took my ds 50 mins to fall asleep tonight. OMG that's the longest ever! After 20 mins of crying, whining, rocking & sitting I went into his room in an attempt to calm him but nothing helped. I put him down again and then after another 20 mins went in again. He was SO tired when I was holding him that his head was lolling back and forth with eyes closed. I put him down practically asleep and he cried for a few minutes longer and then through mid-wail pa__sed out. Wow...dh and I were both tense sitting in the living room through it all. I am sure ds will make his 6am wake-up though lol!



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