Sitting Up Unassisted

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cg - January 27

Just wondering when your lo's were able to sit up w/o assistance?


Lisastar9 - January 27

my last ds was around 7 months


shelly - January 27

my ds is 6 months and a week and can sit una__sisted for about 20 seconds.


Mellissa - January 27

ds will be 6 months on the 1st and has been sitting una__sisted for about 2 1/2 weeks.


shelly - January 27

thats really good mellissa,i cant wait for mine to be able to sit on his own withut toppling.


Mellissa - January 27

thanks shelly, i actually had him practice a lot with the boppy pillow.


Nita_ - January 27

my dd was a little over 6months and I just tried one day and boom! she sat by herself for almost a mt! She's just turned 7 months and I give her a few minutes everyday sitting up! She loves it! :)


ash2 - January 27

Just recently ...around 7 months


Ca__sJ - January 27

My son was 5 months old. Sits up all the time now, he is almost 7 months but he has only rolled 5 times.


Tanaja - January 27

My lo is 7 months and she just started sitting una__sisted. Although I have to put a pillow behind her because she doesn't quite have the steadiness to catch herself before she goes backwards.


Keli - January 27

my 6.5 mo dd will sit for hours if you bring her to a sit position. She gets mad if she falls over. I think she is going to crawl before she rolls!


ren05 - January 28

hi, my ds was sitting for a minute at 4 months then sitting completely unaided at 5 months, he also started to walk at 9 months but has been slow at other things.


luckysunshine - January 28

My ds is almost 6 1/2 months. He loves to sit and has been doing so for around2 weeks now. However, I need to sit next to him as he tends to fall backwards sometimes. When should I expect him to sit una__sisted and not topple? lol


krista-lee - January 28

my dd started sitting up by herself solidly by 6 1/2 months, she cna now crawl VERY fast at 7 mo 20 days :)



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