Six Week Old Amp Pictures What To Wear

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DB - March 8

Anyone get pro. pics taken when your LO was about this age?? What did you dress them in. I don't want it to be a formal picture, so no fancy dresses, but her cute little overalls hike up when she sits...Hmmm...I just don't know. She'll probably spit up allover whatever we put her advice?


ry - March 8

I love the nudey or diaper pics at this age. I think the natural newborn ones are so precious. Good for you for taking her, I havent taken my dd yet and I regret it so much!


Emily - March 8

We had pictures take at 6 weeks. My oldest was getting her two year pictures taken and I wanted some of them together. Anything that they wear at that age rides up. The safe bet would be a cute onsie. We had my dd wear a nicer little onsie type dress thing. It wasn't too formal. It was cotton and it fit like a onsie but had a little dress type thing on the outside. It was easy. They proped her up in a little cradle w/ blankets and had my two year old knee and stand beside her. They are wonderfull! If your picture place allows or it is warm enough to change her in the car, travel in a different outfit than you plan on taking pictures in. We hada 45 min drive (the joys of living in a small twon) and my dd would leak a dirty diaper or something if I dressed her in what I wanted to have picutres taken in…..


mcatherine - March 8

At that age we had my son wear a plain white onesie with no socks - there was a white drop background and he was on his stomach looking at the camera. It is a full length of his body. The pictures were black and white. Of all the pics we have had taken of him in the past 6 months - it is still my favorite. Very soft. His spring/Easter pics we dressed him up a bit, but this weekend we are doing a shoot with the entire family and he is wearing overalls and no shirt or shoes...


tryingx3 - March 8

We had ours in a diaper with different colored throws thrown over her...shoulder shots, feet and hand shots, including our own hands, etc... we did her sleeping.


Nerdy Girl - March 8

Six weeks? I am trying to recall if I have ever photographed a 6-week-old in my studio in anything other than a diaper. If so, it is a rare case. Maybe I have done a christening shot with the white dress on, but Ry is right - nudie or diaper pics are best at this age. Your photographer should have some clothing tips for you.


Nerdy Girl - March 8

I just looked at LisaB's post about her new website and she has a link to a local photographer. I just checked out her site and she has some great tips for newborn sessions. It's then click on tips.


DB - March 8

Yeah, I definitely think nude or in a onsie would be cutest, especially after seeing the pics on that website (thanks nerdygirl...soooo cute!)...I just hope my dd will be calm and not spit up everywhere, she's a bit of a fussy reflux baby!! Thanks everyone. I'm getting so excited!!


KimS - March 8

Hey we had pics taken of my ds this week, he is 4 wks, we put him in a onesie golf shirt and kakies...they did a few poses, a couple in a basket and one on his stomach all sleeping.. he is really cute, my favorite one he was yawning... we tried a couple with a sweater on too but they rode up around his head and didn't turn out.


LisaB - March 8

Check out featherbaby dot com the have the adorable cami onsies. They are so darn cute. Also like Nerdy Girl said the photographer I use has amazing ideas. I love the nudie blk/whites or a sweet blanket wrapped around. I have some like that and love them.



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