Skin Peeling Off Of 2 Weeks Old

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ash2 - June 3

my baby boy is almost 2 weeks old. and i cant seem to keep his skin nourished ..... it peels constantly and every time i put lotion on it, it still starts to peel about 30 min after that ! any suggestions? is this normal ?? and how long will it last ?


Rabbits07 - June 3

That is totally normal. It will continue to do that until he is around a month old. It doesn't matter how much lotion you slather on, it will continue to peel as soon as it dries. You're probably noticing it really bad on the hands and feet? It's normal.


olivia - June 3

Stop putting the lotion on! The skin will naturally peel off for a few more weeks. After that he'll have nice soft baby skin. A baby's skin naturally will sort itself out, the less you do to it the better off he'll be. Once that early skin all comes off he won't peel anymore, and the less lotion, the faster it will come off! Good luck, I know it is hard to have a peeling baby. I was upset by it too, but it goes away and is completely normal. He's been soaking in water for 9 months. It is already nourished, it just needs to cycle and adjust to the new environment.


SonyaM - June 3

Lotion can actually sting their skin, my son's Dr. said no lotion. It will go away within a few weeks.


mama3 - June 3

ash2--My baby was the same way. My dr and her ped recomended -Nivea- extra enriched lotion. I only had to use it about 4 days on her and she comletley stoped pealing. She was pealing from head to toe. You don't want to stop putting lotion on her. Her body needs it. This lotion will not sting the skin either. You can try it on yourself first if you want to. I tryed it on myself I had a cut and I put it over it and it didnt sting on bit. My kelly was pealing so bad she started bleeding. I bath her every night now and just put alittle lotion on her and she hasnt peeled again. She stoped pealing by 3 weeks of age. Best of luck to you. This lotion does cost about $7 a bottle but you dont have to use alot. I havent even use a quarter of a bottle yet.


ca_pink - June 4

You shouldn't put lotion on the baby's skin until they are about 3 months or so. However, for the hands/feet/joints...if you notice major cracking/bleeding... then you should apply some vaseline. Other than that, nothing (see Olivia's comments). My baby is almost 9 weeks and her skin is still very dry. Good luck!


mama3 - June 4

I'm don't know were you ladys are getting your info on not being able to put lotion on your babies, but I had a ped and a RN recomend this lotion Nivea and it has work wonders on my baby. My mom use the same stuff on me when I was a baby. My girl is no longer peeling or cracking. Lotion is natrul it will not harm your baby. Your baby has been in water for the last nine months you need to give there skin the nerishment it needs. I personal feel it is cruel just letting them peel and bleed when you can help them. This of course is just my opinion. So dont get p__sed off at me. But you should talk to your babys dr.


Rabbits07 - June 5

all of my babies have had the peeling skin when they were newborns. All the literature I have ever read, including that given to me in the hospital with my latest ds (9 weeks old), says that the peeling skin is totally normal. mama3, I had never heard of a baby peeling until they actually bled...that must have been scary! I have read that the peeling can be more severe in postmature--or overdue--babies....was this your case? As far as the lotion, I guess different doctors recommend different things. ash2, I found a site on the subject of peeling skin in newborns, here is the link: 29010/29735/336792.html?d=dmtChildGuide *NO dashes*


mama3 - June 5

Rabbits07. My first bab was overdue and didnt peel hardley at all. My 2 nd was 7 weeks premature and peel very bad and my 3rd came on her due date. She peeled so bad she bleed on her ankles. The hospital even gave Johnsons and Johnsons baby lotion to put on her. But it didnt help at all. When I got the Nivea as my RN and dr recomended her peeling skin stop after 1 week and I put it on her after her bath everynight and she don't peel at all know and her skin is as soft as ever. She loves getting a baby ma__sage everynight. I just don't understand why someone wouldn't use it if it helps there baby. I didn't know about this lotion when I had my 2nd and her dr had me wash her with dove and put baby lotion on while she was still wet. An her skin got so bad she developed exzinma. When she was 1 my mom told me to buy Nivea and her exzima went away. Eladel couldn't even do that. I know use this lotion on myself and all my girls. Its costly but very good. An is harmful in anyway to babies or children.


Trina_ - June 6

I just got back from the baby had her two week appointment. She is also peeling. The doctor recommended the Nivea as well. She said it works wonders....and works fast too. She also said lotion is ok....except that it doesn't last long. The skin will go back to dry and peeling after a short period of time. whereas the Nivea helps clear it up quick!


mama3 - June 6

Finally, Thank you Trina_ I was hoping someone else would come on here that knew about Nivea. You'll love it. I dont use anything else on my girls now. I love it for me too.


Chrissy - June 6

hi ash2! it's great to be in this forum now, i 'm so used to seeing you in 3rd trimester along with me! congrats on your baby boy. i had a girl on may 17th. i read that the skin peeling is common in the first couple of weeks. my little one has it too, especially on her feet and hands.


ash2 - June 6

hey chrissy ! i know its kind of depressing being on the other side !:( i know tha sounds bad but i miss the anticipation...... well my first son never had the peeling skin. but my second son was 9 days early and has it alot. i think i might try the nivea skin cream. can you get it at cvs ? his poor little ankles are so try they crack, as well as his wrists ! i feel so bad.he is 2 weeks old today and its seems like it is getting worse! thanks ladies for your input!



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