Skinny 2 Year Old

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jessi - August 28

my 2 year old is a skinny thing. however she is very tall for her age. also she is picky eater. n e who what can i do to help her gain weight. i am worried about this. Her weight is 24 lbs.


CEM - August 28

i have two very skinny (but tall) boys, and an extremely large newborn. they all have the same mom and dad, but are so different nonetheless. my oldest son is a picky eater and is thin. my middle son eats like a pig, anything and everything, and is also very thin. i don't really think there is much you can do, because in the end they will be as they were meant to be. the only thing i can suggest, which is what i do, is offer them regular healthy snacks and meals and hope for the best. at least then you know you've done your part!


CEM - August 28

ps: i don't think 24 lbs. is too bad for a 2 year old. is she following the same curve on her growth charts? as long as there isn't a sudden dip she should be "normal" for her.


Narcissus - August 28

My baby is 5 1/2 months and weighs 21 pounds. OMG, either I have a fatty on hand or you have a very skinny little girl. It is probably a mixture of both:) Have you spoken with her pediatrician about this? I think you should and they can recommend some foods to fatten her up. Have you tried feeding her avocados? They are delicious and contain a healthy fat. Does she like nuts? Just so you know, I was also a skinny little girl, and a very picky eater. She will outgrow it most likely, but I do think it is important that you concentrate on feeding her the most nutritous foods that you can, while she is so limiting with her diet. Good luck and seriously, try feeding her some ripe avocado, sliced. I used to cut an avocado in half and fill it with tuna salad.


chelsey - August 29

I wouldn't worry. My daughter is 3 1/2, and she only weighs 35 lbs. However, she is also 40 inches tall! (over 3 feet..) Narcissus, you must have a chubbikins! When Hailey was 1 year old she only weighed 22 lbs! And at 5 1/2 months, she was just about 17 lbs! But she is very healthy, and happy. I quess size doesn't matter, as long as your healthy!


Narcissus - August 29

I do have a fattykins on hand:) I hope he stablilizes soon.


Michelle - August 29

I would not worry. My daughter is 14 months old and weighs 18 pounds and is 30 inches tall. My doctor is not concerned at all. She just says she is pet_te. She eats like madd, she is just tiny. My husband is very tall and she takes after her daddy. Don't be alarmed.


Jen - August 29

If you are worried she is not eating enough nutritious foods you can give her those pedia-sure shakes. They're full of vitamins. I have a very skinny 8yr old boy and the doctor said to give him milk shakes. He eats all day long and weighs 54 lbs. He is very active too though.


alison - August 29

when my 5 year old was 5 months he was 24lbs, the dr. felt as long as the weight and height % were charting simular no worries, plus growth spirts can happen leaving them tall and skinny, but there is such a wide range of normal, but 24 lbs for 2 doesn't seem out of line to me, I have friends whose daughter is 25 lbs @2.5 and she is tall, she looks normal to me, and my fat baby turned into a skinny/tall kid.


monica - August 29

to narcissus, how much did your baby weigh at birth? my baby seems to be heading the same way as your baby. He is 1 month and weighs 12 lbs.


N - August 29

my son is 2 and weighs about 29lbs.. except that he's 36inches tall... he is very skinny (weight is 65% while height is about 90%). My doc says this is normal, and when he was six months, he was already 22lbs.. honestly he didn't gain anything during 18 - 24months.. He is very healthy, eats constantly, he just grows more up than out nowadays.. My doctor always said, it doesn't matter how much he weighs or what percentile he is in, as long as he is eating nutritious foods, and shows some sign of growth, whether it be height or weight, there is nothing to worry about..


kEEKEE - August 29

My oldest birth weight was 10 pounds. He later became a skinny child. I also used pedi sure shakes. He still stayed tall and skinny. Like his dad. Some people are just meant to be skinny. I won't worry about the weight. As long as she is growing and in good health. Now my youngest is on the "thicker" side. He weigh around 30 pounds at 16 months. He look like he will be thin and tall also. We will see.


Narcissus - August 29

Monica, my son weighed 7.3 at birth. I had no idea he was going to fatten up like a turkey before thanksgiving. He appeared so normal at birth.


MM - August 29

My niece is the same way. If you feel that she is not getting enough nutrition in her diet due to pickiness buy some of those ensure childrens drinks. That way if she is missing anything that will help her. Dont stress all kids are different. My daughter weighs 40lb at 4 and has been about the same since she was 3.



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