Skipping Feeds Is This Normal

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The real Lissi - March 7

My daughter is 5 and a half months and has recently started skipping the odd feed. She used to always have 5 feeds a day, but now almost every day, there's just one bottle that she'll just away from, or taste it and then spit it out and refuse it as if it's poison. What's going on?! I've just started her on solids, BUT she's not eating much yet. She just tastes a 2 or 3 little spoon fulls and she's done. Surely that can't be enough to fill her up? She's not sick either. Help! Have any of you experienced this? Should I worry? Thoughts please. Thanks. :)


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 7

My daughter did the same thing and she is fine. I would always drive the doctor nuts calling and asking. They would say she will eat when she is hungry. Now if she did it for to many times in a row, then it was a problem, but that was never the case for my dd. Also is your little one starting to teeth? Sometimes when they are teething, they wont eat as much.


The real Lissi - March 7

Yes, she is teething (I think!) so maybe that's the problem? Thanks for the reasurance. My doctor is pretty much useless, so I rarely bother him. I find I get more help just talking to other moms. :)


Corissa - March 8

My ped. told us that once we start our dd on solids that we have to be sure she gets 24 oz of b___stmilk/formula a day. If she is atleast getting that then she is for sure thriving and will continue to gain weight. We were told once she drops below 24 oz a day to stop solids cold turkey for a week and then start all over again. I would just watch her for a couple of days to see if she returns to normal, if not I would bring her in. Good luck!


KrisD - March 8

I think their interest in formula/b___stmilk lags at that age - my son did the same thing - he is six months and it still seems to be the case. I bet Nadya is teething, too. And the small amount of solids they eat is more difficult to digest than formula. My mother always tells me not to stress if he doesn't eat.... Sometimes they just don't feel like it and they won't starve themselves unless something is wrong. And their schedules are bound to change, too!


Erin1979 - March 8

my daughter did the same thing around 6 months. I asked my MD, and she said it was normal for kids to reduce the times they eat during the day. Most babies around 6 months of age are getting more on an "adult" style diet. My daughter eats 4 6oz bottles during the day, and gets solids 3 times a day.


MichelleB - March 8

Corrissa, I would looking for information like that. My boy is on solids and has started not drinking as much formula. He is probably borderline 24oz. I will have to keep an eye on this. Thanks!



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