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avamarie - January 12

What is the best way to get a four month old to sleep through the night? It seems like all of my girlfriends babies sleep through the night & my daugther is the only one!!! I feel like a zombie all through the day, Im a single mom who works full time and goes to college part time, so sleep is something I MUST HAVE!!


lexa - January 12

I'm all about routine. I know everyone probably gets tired of hearing me say that, lol, but it works. Keep a set bath time every night, when putting to bed, make sure she has a full belly. Did you maybe try a little rice cereal in her bottle? Oops, if she is bottlefed. How much does she wake up?


SuzieQ - January 13

avamarie - how the heck do you manage??!!??? Seriously, you have a very full life! My dd is 3 mos old and she will sleep 11 pm - 930 am usually, with one waking at 430 or so. Sometimes she'll wake twice, but she's in a cradle right beside the bed, so I barely have to wake up to feed her.


mommyke - January 13

Have you tried swaddling? I have done this for a few months (my DS is 4 months) and he sleeps really weel in it. The brand I found has worked best is the "kiddopotomus" and i found it at babys'r'us. He now sleeps 9 hours at a time * I also put a small amount of rice cereal in his last bottle. Try it - I know many moms that swaddling has worked for!


amyh - January 13

One, no one's babies that I know have have slept through the night that early...just I have heard of it! I do say...routine. We started it around 4 months and it was so easy to put our daughter to bed. She still follows it and she is almost 11 months. But, that doesn't always work. She didn't start sleeping through the night until about 3 weeks ago. ANd, it isn't consistent- but we also don't have any teeth yet so that could also be her problem. It is EXTREMELY tiring, but I am one that can't just leave her to cry in the middle of hte night- all that would cause is me to lie there awake and her to cry. It's much faster if I just get up. Have you tried co-sleeping? Whenever we take her in the bed, she sleeps ALOT better. just an idea.


Rhiannon - January 13

Sorry Amyh. I have 5 month twins and they have been sleeping through consistently for about a month now. And when I say sleeping through I mean 12 to 13 hours a night. No wakings. It is all routine and we don't play in the bedroom. When they are in there, they know it's for sleeping. We also started training them really early, around 8 weeks. It has paid off so well. Good luck avamarie.


soon2bemomof3 - January 13

well i agree that they do NOT sleep through the night, even if they don't wake you up they DO wake up but probably just fall back asleep on their own. Ask any ped. and they will tell you that babies do NOT sleep through the night without waking, look at us, i'm sure we all wake but just go back to sleep on our own. Anyway, I sleep with my LO and go ahead and opinionate all you want people, it WORKS. I've done it with ALL of my children and they are now 9 years old, 2 years old and my lo is 8 weeks, he still wakes but not as much as when i've put him in his crib. Good luck!!!


Rhiannon - January 13

Of course we don't mean they sleep consistently without waking. It is just not possible. Everyone wakes many times during the night. I hear them waking all of the time, but because we have instilled such great sleeping habits into these babies, they will go right back to sleep. Sometimes they even stay awake and "talk" for about 10 minutes, but they rarely cry.


avamarie - January 16

THANKS GUYS!! But it seem's like im already doing what everyone is telling me to do (haha) maybe she is just a difficult baby, I do try the co-sleeping and it does help ALOT. but thats not something I want her to get in the habit of!!.... but I guess if it works, then just do it then huh??. (haha) thanks alot for all the advice, a 1st time mommy is a bit confusing!


LisaB - January 16

I don't think shes a difficult baby. I know my ds didn't "sleep thru" the night conssitently until he was around 12 months. I tried EVERYTHING. There are some babies that are great sleepers and some that aren't simple as that. I had a very set routine that we followed, when ds was older we always feed him cereal at night that didn't help AT ALL so sorry sometimes it is what it is.


ashtynsmom - January 16

My dd is the happiest, most talkative, smiles all of the time baby you would ever meet... she will be 1 on the 23rd of Jan and still does not sleep thru the night. I have tried it all, too, and she is just not a good sleeper. I would not cla__sify her as a "difficult" baby, b/c everything else about her is easy going and happy. She just does NOT sleep. I agree that routine is necessary, though. We have had the same bedtime routine since 10 weeks and we still stick to it, b/c it helps her get to sleep... now we just need her to STAY asleep! :)


mayaB - January 17

like other mothers here wrote I dont think that babies that sleep through the night exactly 'stay asleep' for the whole night. When I happen to sleep in the same room with my 8 month old son (hotels . or at parents house) I hear him wake up talk to himself, toss and turn, talk to himself another little bit and then go back to sleep. Until he was 4 months old though he didnt know what to do when he had those moments of waking up and instead of calmly waiting to fall back asleep (like we do) he'd start crying thinking that was the thing to do. Once he realized that wasnt what we wanted him to do he stopped. It's like w/ the teeth grinding (another thread I saw today).. if you ignore the baby when he starts grinding his teeth he'll stop. but if everytime he grinds his teeth you give him a reaction he's more likely to continue!!!



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