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S - November 11

How long does your baby sleep during the day? Im conscious of keeping her awake during the day so she will sleep at night but if I keep her awake to much she gets frustrated and over tired. She sleeps well during the night and only wakes up for feeds and goes back to sleep. She is 6 weeks today.


Heidi - November 11

Emma is 4.5 wks old and I'm finding that she's not napping as much in the morning/early afternoon but come late afternoon she's out for hours! If I let her she'll sleep till 8-9 at night and that's when I like to get to bed! She wakes three times a night to eat and goes back to sleep easily too but my doc said to only let her sleep 1-2 hours at a time during the day and then wake her up. Of course I've yet to do this. I hate waking her up!!!!


d - November 11

S- If your baby is sleeping well at night and wakes for feeds only this is good. I don't see a need for you to try to keep her awake for long during the day. Just follow her rhythym. Let her sleep and eat when she wants. I remember my son during the first month which I tried keeping a daily journal, he would eat then stay awake for an hour / 2 then sleep for 3hrs. It was never the same every day. But eventually you get an idea of their routine. I noticed by third month he'd wanted to stay up longer. Now at 8 months he has a regular schedule. He's up at 7/8 am he'll drink his milk. He would stay up and play untill 11:30 and eat his cereal and about 10-20 minutes later he gets cranky and I know its time for him to sleep. Whereas before (ie, the second month), first he would get up at 7am feed and two hours later would want to sleep without waiting for a cereal. I say let your baby sleep when she want to. She is very young and needs her rest. I tried to stop the night feedings at 5 months. On and off success. By 6 months he finally slept through the night without asking for a feed.


Julie - November 11

My son is almost 4 weeks and is up most of the morning and has a long afternoon and evening nap. He sleeps from about 10-3am and them from 4-7.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

Sleep? Your babies sleep? How nice for you! LOL!! I let my son sleep whenever or wherever he wants during the day since it is so few and far between. He is starting to develop somewhat of a schedule, and will take one long 2-3 hr nap in the early afternoon. The rest of the time it is 20-30 min catnaps at best. The kid is trying to kill me! He will sleep at night but wakes frequently to fuss and cry and is real restless. He only wants to eat once, but neither of us get a good nights sleep of any quality!



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