Sleep Apneia

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pebblesnbambam - October 9

Does anyone notice if their lo's stop breathing for a short amount of time while sleeping. My daughter was vaccinated yesterday (4mth appt) and last night we had a REALLY bad night.. I pulled her into bed with me to get a little sleep and noticed a couple of times that she stopped breathing, then what seemed like forever.. but was prob 10 seconds gasped for air. We have an angel sounds monitor and it does not go off when she is in her crib... so wondering if this is a normal thing for her... if this is normal for babies.. Called doctor to let her know of reactions she is having to shots (fever 101, not eating but 2oz, slept from 8:30am to 1:30pm, coughed up some flegm this morning and the weird sleeping thing last night) She said fever and not eating is normal... She said if she continues on with this to go back in. Anyone else notice their lo's doing this??? Should I have her tested for sleep apneia... does it occur at this young age?? Thanks to all


c_baer19 - October 9

Sleep apnea isn't normal, and you should have her tested. It does occur in babies, and they make special sleep apnea monitors for them (a lot like the angelcare monitor).. you should definintely let your doctor know if it keeps happening even once more and get her tested for it! Better safe than sorry!


squished - October 9

It is normal for a baby to take pauses for 10 seconds when they are sleeping, as the dr. and the book I've read said. I too have the angel care monitor which alarms at 15 seconds and haven't had it go off. My lo is 15 weeks and he has just figured out that gasping is funny, so I know how heart stopping it is. Just wanted to let you know what I've been told. Good Luck!


jen327 - October 9

My son has reflux and sleep apena, he sleeps with a monitor paid for by our insurance. It goes off 2-3 times a night but I just have to startle him and he starts breathing again. I would call the doctor for sure. How long is it she stops breathing. Most babies stop for a few seconds liek 10 but anything over 15 is too much.


pebblesnbambam - October 9

Thank you to everyone. I am going to see how she does tonight but also talk to doctor tomorrow about possible testing. My husband has sleep apnea as does his father, brother, grandfather and uncle. My son had his toncils and adnoids removed due to snoring at a very young age... I wonder if it is heriditory. I know it increases the chance of that scares me. I like having the angelcare monitor.... but if this is happening she can't be getting proper rest.... It is usually 10 seconds... right about there.. I will need to monitor it and see..Soo scary! Thanks again!!!



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