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bbelmore - February 9

James has co slept with us for the majority of his life, and he has always done great...basically slept through the night with a few feedings that he helped himself to. For the past two nights he has been waking up and playing while we are asleep. Two nights ago we woke up to a thud and crying...he had been crawling and fell off the bed ( luckily landed on the pile of pillows I set up as a crash landing pad just in case) and last night I woke up to him crawling over my legs. This has me worried and thinking it's time for the's safer for him there since he's not alerting us when he awakes, he just goes off playing. My question is, do babies typically do this? Any suggestions as to putting him in the crib? We still br___tfeed now at 10 months, which is part of why we cosleep ( I don't have to wake up for him to be fed) He is just starting to take his first steps, and I am worried about him getting into things while we are asleep. Any suggestions appreciated!


eliz24 - February 9

Hi, my daughter is 9 months and I'm still b___stfeeding her too.I recently moved her into her crib because of the same reason you mentioned,she was waking up and playing and once she fell off the bed,but luckily I had pillows all around the bed on the floor. I basically started her on naps in her crib so she would get used to it and then tried it at bedtime and of course she cried but only for about 10 minutes and then every day since then she has cried a little less,I do feed her a little more at night so she doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night. We are on day 11 of the whole crib thing and it's going well, Good luck to you !


kellens mom - February 9

We don't co-sleep, but I do know that dd wakes up at night while in her crib. I can hear her playing with a musical nightime bear or I will listen to her jabber to herself. She is 9.5 months old now and has been playing for several months. Now that she is able to sit-up by herself and crawl, I have noticed that she seems to wander around the crib more then before because her bear, blanket and little dolly end-up in different locations throughout the crib. I would be worried sick about my dd falling off the bed too!


Erin1979 - February 9

I would definately say it's time for the crib. I did not co-sleep with my daughter (and b___st fed her too) and I know you have to physically get up to feed him, but I think it would be better for both of you!! Good Luck!


aggie03 - February 9

is he too big for a ba__snet, or small crib in your room. my dd alternates between her crib and a ba__s next to our bed. if I have to feed her early morning I just reach over and pull her into bed. I will say though she sleeps through the night when in her even when I have to get up to feed her Ive gotten about 6 hours of sleep


ashtynsmom - February 9

I am just amazed that he will help himself to your b___b!! Does that not wake you up? I only b___stfed for 8 wks.. so obvioulsy I never dealt with this!! I am just in shock!! :)


bbelmore - February 9

Yeah he has been like that since about six months, it's nice because I don't have to wake up! Once he could grab, that was it!!!! Yeah, he's too big for a ba__sinet, he's about 25 pounds and 30.25 inches long... He used to sleep part nights in the crib, but he just wakes up every hour/hour and a I am not looking forward to this transition :( Thanks for your help ladies!



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