Sleep In Their Crib From The First Night Home

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Brandy - July 14

I am planning to put my son in his crib to sleep from the first night on and sleep nearby for feedings. Any opinions??


Janet - July 14

You can try it, he may be happy there from day 1. My son preferred the ba__sinet for the first month then he went to his crib and has been there ever since... he is six months now. Some babies prefer a smaller sleeping area like a ba__sinet or cradle because they will feel more secure and cozy in there rather than the big crib right away.


Amaya's Mommy aka Stephanie - July 14

My daughter slept in a bed-side co-sleeper until about 4 weeks old. We then moved her to her own room in her crib and we slept in our room. We had a baby monitor. She slept so much better once we moved her to her room. (I think it was because everytime she woke up in our room we were there breathing over her and would pick her up until she went back to sleep) We have a glider rocker in her room so when she wakes up at night I am able to do everything in her room, then put her right back to bed. She would have been in her crib from night one, but we didnt have a monitor. I couldnt find one that I liked (we ended up recieving one as a gift and it works just fine) I was looking into things too much. I wanted one that was a video camera and everything. We have nightlights in her room so its not too dark when I go in for feeding and I dont have to turn the overhead light on. I hope this helps a little and I hope I answered your question. Anyway, I am all for them sleeping in their own crib in their own room. I have friends that have a twin bed in the nursery for mom to b___stfeed. It was easier for her to do so laying down.


Tahlia's Mama - July 14

I bought a "snuggle bed" which is like a smaller mattress to go on top of the one in the cot, and she's been in there since the night we brought her home. She's still in our room, as we only have one bedroom, but when we move next week, she'll have her own room. Its been ok so far.


Jbear - July 14

When my daughter was a newborn, we were living in a one-bedroom loft, so her crib was in our bedroom. We had a ba__sinette downstairs, where she slept during the day, and when I went upstairs for the night she would sleep in her crib. She slept wherever she was...crib, ba__sinette, car seat, swing, blanket on the floor, high chair, exersaucer. She can still fall asleep anywhere...she fell asleep on the toilet the other day.


angela - July 14

my baby slept in a basinett for a month. then i moved her to her crib and she loves it there she likes the music mobile i have and i can put her down and she'll stare at it until she falls asleep she's such a good girl.


Katharine - July 14

I was lazy and kept my daughter in the ba__sinet by our bed for about three months, so I could pick her up and put her in bed with me for nursing. She outgrew it a 3 months and the pediatrician freaked out, so we put her in her crib. She went through a phase around 2, though, when she slept in our room on her toddler bed for a month or so. JBear, that is SO funny. My daughter was once so tired after daycare that she stumbled in and actually fell down on the kitchen floor, face down and slept there for about 2 hours. She was toilet training, so I was afraid to put her in her bed. The toilet, though, that is too funny!


Lisa A - July 14

I put my son in his crib right from day one. But during the day he won't sleep in it - he'll sleep anywhere except his crib- but at night he'll only sleep in his crib(figure that out)


P - July 14

My daughter is four months and still sleeps in a ba__sinette. She's probably too big for it but I'm still working on the nerve to put her in her crib. Maybe I'll start tommorrow night since she just started to roll over. Ugh I just know I'll be sleeping on the floor in her room. Thank God she has a nice thick rug. I'm such a loser... lol



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