Sleep Issues And I Can T Blame Baby

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BeccaBaby1 - May 15

I have a 3.5 mo little girl and of course after she arrived I tried to grab whatever sleep I could but now she is a wonderful sleeper and I'm all messed up. I can't fall asleep for HOURS at night and then when she wakes up for her night feeding I again can't go back to sleep. It's making me crazy because she's doing so good and I want to join her. I am a bit stressed so that could be part of the problem, but I've always been a bit stressed. Do you think it is still my hormones regulating? My mood has been a bit blue too lately but I've just blamed that on my sleep issues. Ugh. Any suggestions?


JessC531 - May 15

If I were you, I'd get up early and not take any naps (don't know if you ever do). Also, I'd cut out any caffiene you're having after the morning. I would think if you were up for 16 hours w/o much caffiene, you'd be able to fall asleep. It might just take a while to adjust. When my dd started sleeping more through the night, I still woke up for weeks. I just had to get used to it. Good luck!


Nemo - May 15

Just the fear of not being able to sleep is probably stopping you from sleeping.. so its a mad circle. I read somewhere that if you change your way of thinking and went to bed saying "its ok if I dont sleep, as long as I rest my body" then it takes the pressure off (you are not trying to force your body to sleep) and perhaps you will then just fall asleep... at worse if you dont fall asleep you give your tired limbs a well deserved rest.


Nemo - May 15

just another thought ... could you not wear earplugs, and ask your husband to do the night feed by bottle? she will soon be sleeping through I imagine, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


HeavenisMine - May 15

Ah welcome to my world! I usually love to do my work (I am a writer) after my daughter goes to bed, she is an excellent sleeper; but I find my mind is too wracked with thought to sleep after that! It is a pain isn't it. You can tell anyone you're sleep deprived and they might automatically blame baby. Plus being pregnant again doesn't help. this nausea has been a nightmare! Ha ha oh well. Like an earlier poster said, you could try naps in the day. I do that, it's the only way. I can average five hours some nights, and that is an accomplishment!


tish212 - May 15

ok, you might wanna look up the insomnia tips, like no watching tv in bed, no reading in bed, to keep the bedroom darker than any other room, and only use the bed for sleeping and (adult activities) no sitting on it or hanging out, make the room just for sleep.... it takes a while but it will help i suffered insomnia for years...and now its doing much better i still have bad nights but they are few and far between


BeccaBaby1 - May 15

Thanks all for your responses! I think I'm doing all the right things to avoid insomnia - no caffeine, bed for sleeping only etc. but so far no good. Anyhoo, I think I'll try some calming tea and a bath beforehand tonight and see if that helps. Good luck to you Heaven... you're a brave mamma!



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